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Category: EMC Clarion

Nagios plugins for monitoring EMC Clarion controllers.

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check for clariion controllers

Plugin to check EMC Clarion SAN volume controllers.

This plugin checks the state of an EMC Clariion system via navicli and naviseccli maintained by BuddhaBob74 maintained by BuddhaBob74 This plugin allows you to monitor an EMC CLARiiON SAN. You can monitor the following components of the SAN: * Storage Processors = Status of each SP * Storage Processors Information = Gets information on the SP (SP ID, Agent Revision, FLARE Revision, ...


Modification of original check to provide capability to check EMC VNX 5600 disk array. Difference with CX and VNX5500 on HotSpare flag. Not existing on VNX5600. HotSpare disk is flagged "Unbound" instead of "HotSpare".



check_emc_rlp # check_emc_rlp Nagios compatible plugin to check if there are free LUNs remaining in the RLP (Reserved LUN Pool). This allows you to avoid running out of free space for snapshot differential blocks, which will freeze your snapshot (and break your da ...



Nagios Monitoring of EMC Equipment. Provides techniques and solutions to use nsca add-on to monitor EMC equipment including CLARiiON SAN, Celerra NAS, and RecoverPoint appliance. See documentation for further details. Password for WinZip file is nagios ( ...