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SSH Server

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Network Monitoring Software - Download Nagios XI
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SSH Server is meant to help run large amounts of Nagios service checks by remote ssh.
While u can use "check_by_ssh" plugin, it will - for every service check open
a new SSH connection to a host, which is quite an overhead for both the host and the monitoring server
SSH Server consists of two parts, one the the other the
Basically its a connection caching SSH proxy
It successfully runs 3000 service checks on 200 hosts with an avg check_interval of 10mins, and can probably handle much more.
Reviews (1)
byt19nguyen, February 3, 2010
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I used this programs for a while. It's working well at first, and give a headache later.
The story is that I sometimes saw that all the processes are doing nothing, and Nagios sent notifications for each service with UNKNOWN status.
Later I figured out that whenever the network is down, all the processes lost connection but still running. When the network comes back up, those processes cannot gain the connections.