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Category: Uptime

Nagios plugins for monitoring the uptime of a system.

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Category Listings:
There are 12 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

check uptime

small script plugin to check uptime tested on ubuntu 14 and centos 6 has hardcoded limits accepts 2 parameters (warning and critical) Usage: ./ Example: ./ 200 300

CheckForRestartsAndUptime New!

This is a Nagios plugin that checks Windows machines for recent reboot events and their current uptime. Full documentation:



Script to get a process uptime, alerts if process time is under CRIT value can be used to monitor if any process has been restarted, output graphic of uptime in minutes   ex.: # ./check_proc_uptime rsyslogd 90 OK - Process 1841 rsyslogd uptime i ...



check_snmp_uptime This plugin can check the uptime of a host using SNMP v1 queries.


check_uptime / check_snmp_uptime

This plugin returns uptime of a system in text (readable) format as well as in minutes for performance graphing. The plugin can either run on a local unix system (using 'uptime' command) or check remote system by SNMP. The plugin can report one CRITICAL o ...



Nagios Plugin to check uptime over snmp (Linux/Window)



Yet another check_uptime shell script for Linux/Solaris/HP-UX/AIX One more bug fix, latest version is 1.04


* Original script written by Dmitry Vayntrub with version 1.04 released on 03/11/2009. * Bugfix added. * Performance Data added.


Une autre version de check_uptime. Cette dernière intègre un mécanisme de traduction. Pour l'instant, valable en français et en anglais. ---------------------- Another version of check_upime. This one includes a translation mecanism. At the ...



just patch

Uptime of router or switch

A Plugin to check the uptime of a router or switch With Perf out