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Category: PostgresQL

Nagios plugins for monitoring PostgresQL.

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Category Listings:
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Check postgres replication

Check Postgresql replication, tested on 9.2 and 9.6 it connects to master and standby and reports in case replication is walking behind. It reports how many bytes or MB the replication is behind From and idea of Jonny Morano, completely rewritten by ...



This simple plugin checks if its possible to connect to the postgresql database (on localhost) and does a small query.


Checks many things in PostgreSQL and provides rich perfdatas : connectivity, database size, table and index bloat, streaming replication lag, database hit-ratio, etc. Written in Perl language, the code is very easy to extend to add new features.


This plugin will check how many backends are connected with PgPool-II and will check if their status are "down"


This plugin checks pgpool2 status. It uses pcp_node_info internally to find out node status.

LicenseGPL Simple nagios plugin to get wait/idle pgpool processes. Useful to graph theme with tools like grafana.


Watch the percentage and number of connections available on a PostgreSQL server.

Check_partitions is thought as an check if partitions are pre-generated (due to an explicit date). The plugin only handles partitions whose syntax are like table_name_prefix_YYYYMMDD | fooYYYYMM | 123blubbYYYY or just end with a date where there are n ...



Summarizes the types of queries (SELECT ,INSERT ,DELETE ,UPDATE ,ALTER ,CREATE ,TRUNCATE, VACUUM, COPY) running on a PostgreSQL server. This warns about long running queries.


Monitor if any queries are in a waiting or blocked state on a PostgreSQL server. This uses SNMP to check the status via the ps command.


Nagios plugin to check Postgresql streamin replication status



Check many things for a Postgres database, including connectivity, version, disk space used, table and index bloat, database size, relation size, locks, number of connections, transaction wraparound, and more.


This plugin finds the number of unused databases, that is, the databases that have created or not been accessed or modified a certain time ago.



Checking query result on postgresql.


This plugins will check Slony-I Cluster status(time lag and events). This program is rewriting of with ruby.



A PostgreSQL plugin that checks the database's cache hits percentage.


The pg_db_size plugin checks for the on disk size of any given PostgreSQL database.

Postgres Database Monitoring Wizard

Postgres Database Monitoring Wizard A Nagios XI wizard for monitoring various performance metrics of a Postgres database - including connection status, database size, table sizes, relation sizes, and remaining sequences.

Postgres Query Monitoring Wizard

Postgres Query Monitoring Wizard A Nagios XI wizard for monitoring Postgres SQL queries.

Postgres Server Monitoring Wizard

Postgres Server Monitoring Wizard A Nagios XI wizard for monitoring various performance metrics of a Postgres database server - including connection status, backend connections, and WAL files.

Postgresql 9.3 Streaming Replication Delay

Python script to check and graph the delay in seconds from your primary to your hot standby PostgreSQL 9.3 server.


PostgreSQL cache hit ratio (bash + psql)

A simple plugin for monitoring PostgreSQL cache hit ratios for a whole PG-cluster