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check_networker_statistics New!


check_networker_statistics gets simple statistics from a networker server into nagios performance graph data.


Check Windows Process (WMI) New!

This Unix perl script checks a if remote windows process is running and its CPU, Memory usage, Threads and file handles, and disk IO (or all of the above) if selects processes by name. The script requires wmic which is included in check_wmi_plus or ca ...


Check config / restart script New!

Check config / restart script A simple check/restart script to be located in /usr/local/bin/ Useful when you modify, configure, test and playing around in the cfg files of your nagios installation. It does the "nagios -v .. check" and if errors found, it will report which cfg f ...


Window_GroupChanges New! Popular

This plugin checks the security log for any changes to group membership. Change events are spooled and reported one at a time.


check_ec2_ri_expiration New!

Bash script using AWS EC2 api tools to check and alert on expiring EC2 reserved instances.


IIS Dashboard New! Popular

IIS Dashboard The IIS dashboard for nagios log server will allow you to visualize many different variations of response time compared to various metrics. Other informative details such as, most and least found instances of useragent, uri, and response code, provide a w ...


check_mssql_sp New!

Allow you to run a stored procedure on an MSSQL server. Loosely based on the check_mssql plugin. Loops and output the data of all returned rows. Checks warnings, criticals and also allows to use columns fields as filters to the value name field. See exam ...


Successful Windows Login Dashboard New!


Successful Windows Login Dashboard Successful Windows Login, is a Query that checks the logserver's log for EventID:4624 and that EventID is for when a user has logged in to their PC correctly. VMWare Guest Power On is a Query that checks when a Guest VM running on a ESX server is power ...


Mail Log Dashboard New!


Mail Log Dashboard I have seen plenty of Nagios XI users, who would not receive alerts, because they haven't set up sendmail/postfix properly. Searching the mail log for "bounced" errors may be helpful for identifying these issues. My second query is for finding segf ...


Windows Updates Dashboard New!


Windows Updates Dashboard The following dashboard shows you how many total Windows Updates are pending in the pipe, as well as the most recently installed updates. The query filters for EventID 17 (pending) and 19 (installed). The dashboard has two trimmed tables for the most r ...


Security Dashboard New!


Security Dashboard The security dashboard assumes /var/log/messages and /var/log/secure are being monitored. The associated query looks for things like "segfault" and "Failed password" and other things which may indicate an attack. The second query looks for "Port scan ...


Active2Passive New!

This lightweight script convert an active check to passive. Allows the use of an active plugin with NSCA.

/Category:Passive Checks

brightcove status New!

Nagios script to check brightcove status (http://status.brightcove.com/)

/Category:Active Checks

Check Netbackup Media Volume Pool Size New!

Check Netbackup Media Volume Pool Size Simple shell script to check how many tapes are in media volume pool. You may set thresholds to have warning and critical notifications.


check_ELBinstance New!


It check the no. of instances attached in ELB (Elastic Load Balancer). In case no. of instances in ELB are not matching with desired no. instances. It will send Critical alert. You can modify the script as per your requirement. Install aws-cli package ...


check_ssl_cert_expiry New!


The check_ssl_cert_expiry nagios plugin send alert before date of expiration of SSL Certificate used in HTTPS websites. Even after the date of expiration it will remain continue showing alert as CRITICAL. Contact us for further improvement and suggest ...

/Category:Web Servers



Script to get a process uptime, alerts if process time is under CRIT value can be used to monitor if any process has been restarted, output graphic of uptime in minutes   ex.: # ./check_proc_uptime rsyslogd 90 OK - Process 1841 rsyslogd uptime i ...




Get varnish uptime uses varnishstat command




This Python Nagios plugin checks for any failed VM backups on SimpliVity Omnicubes. There's also a second mode in this plugin to check if all VMs have assigned backup policies.




Nagud uses perl to listen to UDP packets on a port. It parses these packets to update passive checks.

/Category:Passive Checks

check_usolved_linux_realmemory - Check the real memory ...


This PHP Nagios plugin calculates the real free memory according to http://www.linuxatemyram.com/. When you think that your Linux memory is always near to 100% consumed, that is properly not true. Linux calculates the free memory in a special way. This pl ...


Check Diskspace Used by a Mounted Volume


This plugin is designed using Bash script and intended to display the disk space used by the specified mount point or partition or volume. This plugin is created so that 'Performance Gauges' in Nagios XI work properly, showing appropriate 'Warnin ...


Intersystems Cache Job Check

Checks that a given Intersystems Cache process is running


Intersystems Cache Namespace free space

Plugin that checks the percentage amount of free space allocated to a given namespace database


Intersystems Cache License Usage

This plugin allows Nagios to check the license usage of an Intersystems Cache environment and return the percentage license usage.



Downloads image file from website to check its dimensions. Program takes three args: file url, height, width. If only the url is given then the program will use a default size of 1 x 1. The program will return success if the image dimensions match or ...

nacup (check apt debian)

Nagios plugin (Debian packaging) to check for upgradables packages


BMC Control-M


Simple plugin for monitoring Control-M/Server 8 on Linux/UNIX


Nagios XI - Configuring Core Contacts to Use XI's phpma...


This document describes how to configure non-XI user (Core) contacts to use the SMTP phpmailer settings from the email management interface. This document is intended for use by Nagios XI Administrators who wish to configure Core contacts to use the XI ...

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