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Check the status for mod_jk loadbalancers via XML download from status URL.
Check the status for mod_jk loadbalancers via XML download from status URL. The plugin will return CRITICAL if one or more nodes from the JK loadbalancer are down.
Reviews (4)
byswilkerson, August 26, 2014
Dirk Weinhardt submitted a patch to that allows jk-status with just one balancer to be parsed.
bykpike, July 18, 2012
First off, thank you for contributing. But here is some constructive criticism.

- Learn how to compress a file, why would you compress it twice?

- Inefficient Perl programming, the plugin uses a wget to grab the xml from jkstatus/?mime=xml ... Why not just use XML::Simple and slurp it directly into a hashref? my $xml = XMLin($url). Since your already using LWP. Just look at some of the apache status plugins for an example.

I am re-writing and will be uploading the updated plugin.
bykita, February 29, 2012
I solved the probrem as follows.

1. Download check_jk_status-0.1.gz
2. gzip -d check_jk_status-0.1.gz
3. mv check_jk_status-0.1 check_jk_status-0.1.gz
4. gzip -d check_jk_status-0.1.gz
byshawnbrito, November 23, 2011
0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Hi.. How would I go about extracting the inner file? I untar'ed the downloaded .gz, but the contents of that file appeared to be repacked into another archive...

Many Thanks In Advance...