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Category: Networker

Nagios plugins for monitoring Legato Networker (now EMC Networker).

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check_networker_statistics gets simple statistics from a networker server into nagios performance graph data.


Networker Checks

Some checks for checking the status of Legato Networker and Jukeboxes. PERL, GPL

Networker Drives

Check Drives in a Type Library with Legato Networker

Networker saveset checker

Networker saveset checker Python script that uses the mminfo binary on the nagios server to check the status of the last day savesets on the networker server. If the saveset is older than 1 day the status ist critical. If no savesets for the client are reported, the check will b ...



This plugin use nrpe for monitor windows networker backup server job status using nsradmin command anyone can modify it and optimize it.