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Integrating Mod Gearman with Nagios XI


The following is a documented guide on how to install Mod Gearman locally on your Nagios XI system(s) and from there tie it in with external worker systems to offload checks from the hardware Nagios XI resides on. This will reduce check latency and increa ...



iNag2 iNag2 is the encore to the award wining app used by thousands of network administrators around the world. • Process information and control • Available Push Alerts • Host and Service grouping. • Comments viewable for both Host and Services. ...


Generic Network Device Monitoring Wizard


Generic Network Device Monitoring Wizard This Nagios XI wizard allows you to monitor a generic IP network device by pinging it.



This is not a Nagios plugin. This is just a script that takes an infile with IPs and HOSTs and creates a NAGIOS config file. This scripts is very flexible where one can change everything needed to be able to read a file containing IPs and HOSTs and cre ...

Exchange 2010/2013 Message Tracking Logs

Exchange 2010/2013 Message Tracking Logs This dashboard monitors the Message Tracking Logs in Exchange 2010 onwards. I can't take credit for developing this, I just adapted it for NLS - Original creator here: https://elijahpaul.co.uk/analysing-exchange-2013-message-tracking-logs-using-elk-ela ...


easyNag for iPhone & iPad


easyNag for iPhone & iPad easyNag is the most innovative, fastest and simplest app to interact with your Nagios, Icinga, OP5 Monitor, OpsView, Thruk/Naemon, Centreon or Check_MK monitoring system. Setup is easy - just add a new instance with the URL to your monitoring system, y ...

Draytek Router Automated WAN interfaces configuration

Simple bash script that walks a given list of router ips for WAN interface ips, and then configures ping checks on each of those wan ips with each respective ping check listed as a service for the router. The script also requires a template with specific ...


DHCPD duplicate MAC/IP check


Checks the dhcpd.conf file for duplicate IP and MAC addresses. Does NOT check for overlapping IP pools. Only tested with the ISC version of dhcpd on Debian.

/Category:DHCP and BOOTP

Database Access For Development Purposes

Nagios XI comes as a ready to go monitoring system delivered as a virtual machine (VM). I have spent a bit of time developing Configuration Wizards, Components and Dashlets for Nagios XI and during this time I have needed to look at the backend databases ...


Dashboard 0.2.1 - Python

Python based Dashboard that allows user based dashboards with custom grouping of items. Works with both Nagios and Nagios under Groundwork.

/Category:Web Interfaces



The original plugin check_vmware_api.pl is old and big and cluttered. So it was time for some house keeping. I tried to clean up the code of every routine, changed things, checked (and corrected) many performance counters and will try to ease maintenanc ...




check_traceroute_pingplot This plugin does a traceroute with the given OS's traceroute command (currently supported: Linux and Windows) and creates a nice graph via rrdgraph. So now, when a machine you are trying to access has bad ping times every now and then, you can find ou ...




check_tping is used to probe and determine host and network responsiveness by forming TCP connections. This is useful when ICMP may be blocked or treated with a lower priority, making it either entirely useless or untrustworthy as a measurement tool.



This script will check the ping time off what you want.

/Category:Active Checks



This is a hacked version of 'poink' by Patrick Haller for use w/ Nagios/Netsaint.



Checks supervisorctl for programs that are not in the state of RUNNING. That is to say STOPPED, STARTING, BACKOFF, STOPPING, EXITED, FATAL, UNKNOWN In my implementation requires SUDO to run supervisorctl. To run: ./check_supervisorctl Tested on Cent ...




Check Windows Storage Spaces and Status of all local disks through NSClient / NRPE Sample Output: OK: (POOL:Primordial Health:OK Operational:OK) (DISK:PhysicalDisk0 Health:OK Operational:OK) (DISK:PhysicalDisk1 Health: OK Operational:OK) (DISK:Physica ...

/Category:Active Checks


THis plugins checks your ping, download and upload debit using speedtest command line. You can define warning and critical thresholds for ping, download and upload. It's possible to only monitor one of the three (ping, download, upload).


check_smokeping script that checks Loss/Latency/Jitter from Smokeping RRD files (ePN compliant)



This is a script that will check a SaltStack salt-master for functionality. It will also ping salt-minions and report which ones are unreachable

/Category:Remote Access
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