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easyNag for iPhone & iPad

1 vote
Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
  • Nagios XI
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easyNag is the most innovative, fastest and simplest app to interact with your Nagios, Icinga, OP5 Monitor, OpsView, Thruk/Naemon, Centreon or Check_MK monitoring system.

Setup is easy - just add a new instance with the URL to your monitoring system, your username and password. No server-side modification needed.

If you use PNP, easyNag can also display the graphs of your hosts and services.

With the embedded url scheme (easynag://) you can jump to a host/service or acknowledge it directly from your notification.

easyNag offers many features to interact with your monitoring system.

New in Version 3.8:
• Quick expire ack / downtime until next business day
• Display expire date of acknowledgements (checkmk / Icinga Web 2)
• Option to convert time zone before submitting commands

New in Version 3.7.1:
• Fixes scheduling of service downtimes for checkmk 2.0
• New filter for unreachable hosts

New in Version 3.7:
• Displays if a host or service is currently in downtime
• Parent & child support for checkmk, Thruk, Icinga Web2 and Icinga API

New in Version 3.6:
• New option to set quick downtime duration
• Fixes limited results for OP5 instances
• iOS 14 & Swift 5.3 optimizations

New in Version 3.5:
• New option to show service check output on problems screen
• Fixes a cookie problem, which sometimes caused the login screen to appear when trying to access checkmk enterprise graphs
• Fixes some wrong colors for dark mode
• Dropped Support for iOS 10, minimum required version is now iOS 11

New in Version 3.4:
• Added Activity Indicator for all actions
• Recheck for passive checkmk services
• Minor improvements & bugfixes

New in Version 3.3.2:
• Added Support for Nagios XI 5.7.x
New in Version 3.3.1:
• Bugfixes

New in Version 3.3:
• Access to graphs of checkmk Enterprise
• Shows the author and comment of acknowledgements for checkmk and Icinga Web 2
• Bugfixes & improvements

New in Version 3.2.1:
• Bugfixes

New in Version 3.2:
• Dark Mode for iOS 13
• iOS 13 optimizations

New in Version 3.1.3:
• Bugfixes

New in Version 3.1.2:
• Fixes a bug which prevented selecting Thruk as instance type

New in Version 3.1.1:
• Fixes a bug, introduced in version 3.1, which caused a crash when scheduling downtimes for multiple hosts
• Fixes a search bar display bug for iOS 10
• Allows you to perform bulk actions on hosts from your search result New
• Minor bugfixes

New in Version 3.1:
• Centreon Support

New in Version 3.0:
• New icon for hosts and services with disabled notifications (only for Check_MK, Icinga Web 2, Icinga API, Nagios XI, OP5 and Thruk)
• New, non-overlapping message banners
• Fixes a display bug for bulk selections
• Code refactoring & minor bugfixes

New in Version 2.8:
• OpsView API Support
• Thruk API Support (Minimum required Thruk version: 2.24)

New in Version 2.7:
• Nagios XI API Support
• OP5 API Support
• Improvements & Bugfixes

New in Version 2.6.1:
• Bugfixes

New in Version 2.6:
• New option: Grouping by instance
• New option: Show DOWN hosts first
• Ability to move instances
• Fixes Master Control support for Check_MK versions >= 1.4.0p36 and >= 1.5.0p5
• Swift 4.2 changes and optimizations for iOS 12, iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max

New in Version 2.5:
• Master Control for Check_MK (swipe your instance right to get to Master Control)
• Fixes infrequent PNP graph loading error
• Fixes some encoding problems for Check_MK services
• Fixes a bug that sometimes caused the wrong status of global notifications to be displayed
• Text Changes
• Other minor bugfixes & improvements

New in Version 2.4:
• Fixes issues with per-app VPN connections
• CSRF protection for Icinga Classic will now be processed automatically, it's no longer necessary to disable CSRF protection

New in Version 2.3:
• Acknowledgement options will now be saved
• Possibility to duplicate instances

New in Version 2.2.1:
• Bugfixes

New in Version 2.2:
• Icinga API Support
• Icinga Web 2 Support

New in Version 2.1:
• Display ip address of a host (tap on it to copy it)
• easynag:// URL scheme: open or acknowledge a service or a host directly from a notification (e.g. Pushover/Mail etc.)

New in Version 2.0:
• Show all PNP graphs of a service or a host
• Customizable swipe actions
• Swipe to schedule a 30 minute downtime
• iOS 11 optimizations
• Swift 4

New in Version 1.9.2:
• Bugfixes

New in Version 1.9.1:
• Bugfixes

New in Version 1.9:
• Check_MK Multisite Support
• Thruk Support
• Naemon Support

New in Version 1.8:
• Added regex keyword filter to hide specific services or hosts

New in Version 1.7:
• PNP Graphs
• Acknowledge with expire time (Icinga only)
• Auto Refresh Setting to reload problems automatically

New in Version 1.6:
• iOS 10 Optimizations
• Multiple actions for hosts
• Schedule downtime for all services of a host
• Disable / Enable all notifications of an instance (swipe right to manage instance)
• Refresh problems automatically when app enters foreground
• Tapping on a host is now disabled while selecting problems for multiple actions to prevent an accidental switch to host details screen

New in Version 1.5:
• Select multiple problems for acknowledge, schedule downtime and disable / enable notifications
• Possibility to activate / deactivate sticky, send notification and persistent comment for Instant Ack
• DOWN hosts will now be displayed at problems screen
• Optimized hosts search
• iPad Pro Support
• Minor changes & bugfixes

New in Version 1.4.1:
• Bugfixes

New in Version 1.4:
With easyNag 1.4 it’s now possible to connect to multiple instances at once!

• iOS 9 optimizations
• iPad support
• connect to multiple instances at once
• author and comment of acknowledgements will now be displayed
• added possibility to set sticky acknowledgement
• if service name is too long to display, tap on it to show full service name

New in Version 1.3:
• HTTP Digest Authentication Support

It’s now possible to set the Nagios or Icinga version per instance. This is optional at the moment but recommended for the future and especially if you use Icinga 1.7 or higher.

New in Version 1.2:
• UI / design updates
• instant ack / force recheck / disable notifications for hosts (swipe to the right)
• tap on service or host status output to show full output
• optimizations and several minor bug fixes

• Nagios 3.x / 4.x support
• Nagios XI API Support
• Icinga API Support
• Icinga Web 2 Support
• Icinga Classic support
• Check_MK Multisite support
• OP5 API Support
• OpsView API Support
• Centreon API Support
• Thruk Support
• Naemon Support
• Save multiple nagios instances
• Connect to multiple nagios instances at once
• PNP Graphs
• URL scheme (easynag://)
• Customizable swipe actions
• Master Control for Check_MK
• Problems Overview (all services or only unhandled services)
• Hosts Overview
• Service-Detail Overview
• Host-Detail Overview (with services of host)
• Regex keyword filter to hide specific services or hosts
• Acknowledge service or host problem
• Acknowledge with expire time (Icinga / CMC only)
• Show author & comment of acknowledgement
• Force recheck service or host
• Disable / Enable notifications of service or host
• Disable / Enable ALL notifications of an instance
• Actions for multiple problems or hosts
• Schedule downtime for service or host
• Schedule downtime for all services of a host
• Downtime Overview
• Remove scheduled downtime
• Instant acknowledge problem
• Instant force recheck problem
• Instant disable notifications
• US / EURO / (STRICT)-ISO8601 date format support
• Dark Mode Support

URL scheme:
Open host:

Open service:

Acknowledge host:

Acknowledge service:

Nagios XI Note: Minimum required version for all actions is 5.5.0, older versions are still fully supported with Nagios Core.

OP5 Note: Due to it is not possible to execute all commands via the OP5 API, the following actions are currently NOT supported: Remove Acknowledgement, Remove Downtime, Enable/Disable Notifications.

Centreon Note: Due to it is not possible to execute all commands via the Centreon API, the following actions are currently NOT supported: Enable/Disable Notifications, Force Recheck.
Reviews (1)
bynotic, April 28, 2015
At this moment, this is the best nagios app for ios.

Thank you