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nrpe plugin: check_meminfo.pl

Plugin to get info from /proc/meminfo. This plugin lets you get any info from meminfo, including anything that may be architecture specific or added in the future. As well as getting performance data, you can also set warning and critical thresholds t ...


Nicolas Brousse - Monitoring A Cloud Infrastructure In ...


Managing a server infrastructure in a fast paced environment like a start-up is challenging. You have little time for provisioning, testing and planning but still you need to get ready to scale when your product reach the tipping point. Amazon EC2 is one ...



NagUI The NagUI project started due to a need to have a more responsive and centralized view into many different nagios instances. The NagUI interface provides a way to see multiple nagios server host and service data in a single pane of glass, without requirin ...

/Category:Web Interfaces


A framework for developing check and notification plugins in python. Several plugins are included as examples.



NagMIN NagMIN is a enterprise class Network Monitoring System, Powered by Nagios, WebMIN, RRDtool, Nmap, Fping, Net::SNMP, Syslog-NG and other open source software providing web-based administration, and enhanced web portal to help you manage your network.




NagiosAppender Nagios Appender NagiosAppender is a pure Java implementation of a Log4j appender that allows the developer/administrator to send log records to Nagios via the NCSA server (using the push model). It provides a simple solution for Nagios administrators w ...

Nagios XI - Introduction to Event Handlers


This document describes how to use event handlers in Nagios XI to take predefined actions when the hosts or services you are monitoring change state. Event handlers are used to automate processes taken when there is a state change for a specific host or s ...

Nagios stats with graphs (nagiostats)

The script checks Nagios statistics from the nagiostats commands and reports perf data. I have created a pnp4nagios template which reports the following: - Graph 1 - Service status -> No. services in downtime -> No. services in warning -> No ...


Nagios Fusion 4 – Initial Configuration – Fusing Se...


This Fusion tutorial discusses initial configuration and how to both fuse servers and map users. Connect multiple Nagios XI or Nagios Core instances inside one central interface with Nagios Fusion. Happy monitoring!

Nagios core installation guide for RED HAT and CentOS S...


Hi dear friends, I've written a simple guide to install nagios core (latest stable release 3.4.1 and 4.x) which contain also a section to help to solve the most common problems such as: - Forbidden you don't have permission to access /nagios/ on this ...

Nagios Core 4.x Setup for CentOS 7.x


Nagios Core 4.x Setup for CentOS 7.x Nagios Core 4.x for CentOS (Red Hat, ScientificOS, Oracle Linux) v7.x setup while keeping your system running in SELinux Enforcing Mode.

Nagios Business Process Intelligence (BPI)


Nagios Business Process Intelligence (BPI) Nagios Business Process Intelligence is an advanced grouping tool that allows you to set more complex dependencies to determine groups states. Nagios BPI provides an interface to effectively view the 'real' state of the network. Rules for group states c ...


Multithreaded multi ping targets through NRPE


Multithreaded multiple ping targets from a remote server through nrpe / nsclient. For example, if you have a remote site with one server, you can then use it to ping different targets (local switch, google...). Return number of online/offline target ...

/Category:Windows NRPE



This is a framework for quickly developping and easily maintaining Nagios plugins. It is written in php 5.




nagios plugin for monitoring mtr requires ruby should work with 1.8.x - 2.x Usage: check_mtr [options] -h prints this menu -H, --host HOST which host to run mtr on -l, --latency_warn MS ...



Purpose: ======== Submitting alert emails to a monitor system based on Nagios Features of the program: ======================== - Accepts Internet mail (text), MIME and Multipart MIME messages (nested MIME not supported) - Extracts sender, subject ...

/Category:Passive Checks

Looping Through a List


This article shows a community-distributed script for monitoring and responding to web site attacks with Nagios.

Integrating Mod Gearman with Nagios XI


The following is a documented guide on how to install Mod Gearman locally on your Nagios XI system(s) and from there tie it in with external worker systems to offload checks from the hardware Nagios XI resides on. This will reduce check latency and increa ...

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