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Track Cisco BGP Peers Using Nagios


This tutorial demonstrates how to monitor BGP in Cisco with Nagios.

Percona Monitoring Plugins for Nagios


Check this out - it's a list of Percona monitoring plugins for Nagios!

How to Install Nagios on CentOS 5.5


This tutorial will show you how to install Nagios on CentOS 5.5.

Monitoring Cronjob Exit Codes With Nagios


This tutorial demonstrates how to monitor the exit codes from cronjobs with Nagios.

Monitoring OSX and Linux with Nagios and SNMP


This tutorial demonstrates how to monitor OSX and Linux with Nagios and SNMP.

Nagios CPU Plugin


This is a nagios plugin and supporting pnp4nagios templates to graph all of the various types of CPU utilization.

Nagios: Monitor SSL Certificates For Expiration


This tutorial demonstrates how to monitor SSL certificates for expiration with Nagios.

Nagios check_dns / check_ip Example


This tutorial demonstrates how to monitor an IP address / DNS entry with Nagios.

How to Monitor Canon Printers with SNMP and Nagios


This tutorial will show you how to monitor Canon printers with SNMP and Nagios.

ActiveMQ Monitoring Scripts For Nagios


Check this out - two new nagios check-scripts for ActiveMQ!



This is a collection of Nagios scripts/plugins for monitoring PuppetDB.




This is a Nagios Plugin for monitoring L2P Devices.

/Category:VPN Software

Cisco Netflow with Nagios XI


Cisco Netflow with Nagios XI This tutorial demonstrates how to integrate netflow into Nagios XI so that you have access to graphs using the netflow option for Cisco routers.



This is a notification plugin for Nagios to send a HTML formatted email.


Nagios at Funet


Learn how Nagios is used at Funet (Finnish University and Research Network).

Nagios Plugins To Monitor Cloud Foundry VCAP Infrastruc...


This is a couple of community-distributed Nagios plugins to monitor Cloud Foundry VCAP infrastructure.


Good Nagios Parenting, Avoids a Noisey Pager


This article demonstrates the benefits of configuring your Nagios server properly by defining the parent-child relationships of connected network devices.

Logfile Lovin: Marrying Nimrod and Nagios for Software ...


This article demonstrates how to use Nagios to pull data from Nimrod metrics server.

Guide: Nagios statuscgi


This is a great community article that describes how to customize the Nagios problems screen. Thank you, jsmurphy!



This is an Arch Linux package for the Nagios server-side NRPE plugin.


Dealing with SELinux in Nagios


This article describes a pretty common scenario - SELinux creates problems with your Nagios install and you have to deal with it. Most people prefer to disable SELinux in their environments and this is the approach I would personally take.



A Nagios plugin to monitor apache via the mod_status module. This plugin assumes you have mod_status enabled and ExtendedStatus set to On.


How To Change SSH Port in Nagios


This short tutorial demonstrates how to configure Nagios, when you use a nonstandard port for SSH.

Detect SSH Attack Using Nagios


This blog article demonstrates how to detect ssh attacks using Nagios.

Nagios – Installing Nagios Core From Source


This document describes how install Nagios Core and Nagios Plugins from source on CentOS, RHEL, and Ubuntu servers. It is intended for use by anyone wishing to install Nagios Core from source.

Nagios XI – Monitoring AIX Using SNMP


This document describes how to monitor AIX machines with Nagios XI using SNMP. SNMP is an “agentless” method of monitoring network devices and servers, and is often preferable to installing dedicated agents on target machines. This document is inte ...

Manage Your Nagios Installation With NagiosQL


This article shows you how to manage your Nagios installation with the web-based GUI NagiosQL.

Nagios XI – Adding Service Switch or Router


Often times, adding ports to a switch, or interfaces to a router must be done dynamically. This document shows how to add ports or interfaces to your monitoring switch or router using Nagios XI's Switch/Router Monitoring wizard. This document is intend ...

Nagios Monitoring Performance


This article gives you some helpful hints on how to expand and improve your nagios monitoring system.

OWL energy monitor to nagios


This tutorial demonstrates how to monitor a CM160 owl energy monitor in nagios.

Design, Development and Improvement of Nagios System Mo...


This document describes the work of design, development and improvement of the Nagios monitoring system done in Cineca and used for the Tier-1 systems participating in the PRACE projects. Starting from the issues arisen by the complexity of the HPC system ...

Nagios XI – Using SSL with XI Active Directory


This document describes how to install the required certificate on the Nagios XI server for use with the Active Directory component for Nagios XI. This process is required if your LDAP server has a self signed certificate. This document is intended for u ...



This is a simple nagios plugin that checks the google apps services status from the dashboard.

Monitoring SSL Certificate Expiry Dates with Nagios


This tutorial demonstrates how to monitor SSL certificate expiry dates with Nagios.

Integrating Mod Gearman with Nagios XI


The following is a documented guide on how to install Mod Gearman locally on your Nagios XI system(s) and from there tie it in with external worker systems to offload checks from the hardware Nagios XI resides on. This will reduce check latency and increa ...



These are some simple Nagios check scripts to monitor your Eucalyptus cloud.


Nagios Remote Data Sender (NRDS)


NRDS, Nagios Remote Data Sender, is a component of Nagios XI that provides a passive method of communication. The unique aspect of NRDS is that on the Nagios server the administrator can design and build the configuration for multiple operating systems an ...

2012 Conference Presentations


Now you can download the slides for the 2012 conference presentations and workshops.

Nagios Conference 2012 - Sheeri Cabral - Alerting With ...


Sheeri Cabral's presentation on using Nagios plugin to generate dynamic values for MySQL Alerts.

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