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Nagios Conference 2012 - Mike Weber - 10 Quick Steps To...


Mike Weber's presentation on using Nagios and preventing disasters in your configuration.

Nagios Conference 2012 - Marcel Hecko - Importance of v...


Marcel Hecko's presentation on using Nagios and the importance of visual representation of monitoring data.

Troubleshooting Mail on Nagios XI


This tutorial demonstrates how to troubleshoot email notifications in Nagios XI.

Nagios Plugin To Check CRL Expiry In Hours


This is a nagios plugin which you can use to check if a CRL (Certificate Revocation List, public list with revoked certificates) is still valid.

VMWare Alarm Sender For Nagios


A simple Perl script for sending VMWare alarm information back to Nagios via the NRDP interface. Compatible with vCenter 3.5, 4.x, 5.0.

Nagios Plugin To Check an OCSP Server


This is a nagios plugin to check an OCSP server. It does so by having either a PEM encoded certificate in the code, and the PEM encoded certificate of the issuer in the code, or by using two given PEM files.

Monitoring Windows with Nagios


This tutorial demonstrates how to install Nagios on Ubuntu, and how to monitor Windows with Nagios.

Howto Install nagios client and nagios NRPE on Centos 6...


The blog post will show you how to install nagios client and NRPE on Centos 6.3 or Redhat 6.3 RHEL.

How To Install Nagios From Source on a Debian System - ...


This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to install nagios from source on a Debian system. Instalar Nagios core y Nagios plugins en Debian paso a paso desde Source En este apartado vamos a ver como instalar la aplicaciĆ³n Nagios en un servidor linux D ...


Nagios to Service-Now ticket integration (NSNT)


This article covers the integration of Service-Now Ticketing system to Nagios.

How to Integrate Nagios XI with PagerDuty


This tutorial demonstrates how to configure Nagios XI to work with PagerDuty.

Check HP switch sensor status via Nagios


This is a perl script that allows you to check sensors of HP switches via Nagios.

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