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Enabling NRPE With NSClient


This document describes how to configure NRPE Listener in NSClient++ for Nagios XI on a Windows client system.

Maximizing XI Performance


This document describes how to maximize the performance of your Nagios XI server in a non-distributed environment. This document will discuss maximizing active checks on a single Nagios XI server, and is intended for Administrators using primarily active ...

Activating Your Nagios XI License


This document describes how to activate your Nagios XI license key. License activation is required for Nagios XI 2011.

Distributed Monitoring Solutions For Nagios


Interested in scaling your Nagios deployment to monitor a large environment? Distributed monitoring may be the solution you're looking for. This document describes different methods for configuring a distributed monitoring solution with Nagios Core and Na ...

Nagios XI SMS Alerting Tutorial


Need to integrate SMS alerting with Nagios XI? Mohammed Ahmed - network admin at Amana Steel Buildings - has contributed a great guide that takes you through the steps of setting up SMS alerts with Nagios XI.

Using Nagios Business Process Intelligence Addon


Nagios Business Process Intelligence is an advanced grouping tool that allows you to set more complex dependencies to determine groups states. Nagios BPI provides an interface to effectively view the 'real' state of the network. Rules for group states can ...

Installing The Nagios Ubuntu and Debian Linux Agent


In order to monitor a Linux/Unix desktop or server with Nagios XI, you must first install an agent on the target machine. This guide takes you through the steps of installing and configuring the Linux agent in preparation for monitoring the machine with N ...

Nagios Plugin: Check Confixx License


This article demonstrates how to monitor a Confixx installation in Nagios.

Configuring Nagios with NRPE to Monitor Remote Servers


This tutorial, submitted by the Nagios Community, shows you step-by-step how to configure the Nagios with NRPE.

How to install Nagios on Sabayon /Gentoo


This community-distributed tutorial shows you how to install Nagios on Sabayon/Gentoo.


Monitoring Linux Using SNMP


This document describes how to monitor Linux machines with Nagios XI using SNMP. SNMP is an “agentless” method of monitoring network devices and servers, and is often preferable to installing dedicated agents on target machines.

Configuring SSL with Nagios XI


This document will describe how to setup SSL. This document is also to be used an initial point for troubleshooting SSL connections.

Log Monitoring with Swatch


This document describes how to use the Simple Log Watcher (Swatch) in conjunction with Nagios in order to be notified when certain events are noted in the system log.

Install Nagios with Debian 6


This is a community-written tutorial explaining how to install Nagios on Debian 6.

OverHTTP 0.15


OverHTTP is a Nagios plugin that provides a way to check services remotely over the HTTP protocol. The plugin is developed by Douglas Christopher Wilson.


Nagios Plugin OverHTTP 0.15


This is another plugin developed by the Nagios Community. OverHTTP is a Nagios plugin that provides a way to check services remotely over the HTTP protocol.


Nagios Version Upgrade Production Cut-over


This tutorial will show you how to cut over a new version of Nagios into production.

Nagios Version Upgrade Preparations


This tutorial will walk you through the steps for upgrading a production Nagios system.

Monitoring Windows Hosts with Nagios on Debian GNU/Linu...


This tutorial will show you how to configure Nagios on a Debian GNU/Linux release (Squeeze 6) to monitor Windows hosts.

Scheduling Multiple Service Checks in Nagios


In this blog you can review a community-written shell script in BASH aimed at automating the process of scheduling multiple service checks in Nagios.

Changing The XI System Time


This document describes how to change the system date, time, and timezone on the Nagios XI virtual machine, or a physical server running CentOS. It is intended for use by Nagios XI Administrators.

Simplified Chinese Translation


Simplified Chinese Translation of Nagios Core Documentation.


Nagios Spanish Translation


It is a Spanish blog where you can find a lot of Nagios Core documentation and other useful information.


Nagios Plugin: Counting the Lines in a MySQL Database


This tutorial will show you how to use the check_mysql_count.pl plugin to count the lines in a MySQL Database. Thank you, Mike!

Protecting Nagios From Zero-Day Exploits with ModSecuri...


This tutorial with show you how to protect Nagios from zero-day exploits with ModSecurity. Thank you, Mike!

Monitoring a Cisco Router with Nagios


This tutorial will show you how to monitor a Cisco router with Nagios. Thank you, Mike!

Scheduled Downtime and Nagios


This is a nice tutorial on scheduling downtime in Nagios. Thank you, Mike!

Nagios V-Shell Review


This article offers you a short review of V-Shell and an interview with the lead developer of V-Shell, Mike Guthrie.

NRDP - Overview


This document describes how to install, configure, and use the NRDP (Nagios Remote Data Processor) addon with either Nagios Core or Nagios XI. This document is intended for use by Nagios Administrators.

Nagios XI Wizards Make Setup a Snap for Network Monitor...


Vincent Danen gives Nagios XI a big thumbs up for monitoring hosts and services — the commercial version comes with a price tag but is worth it for the wizards that make setup a breeze.

/Category:Media Coverage

Define Variables in Nagios Config?


This short "how-to" article will show you how to set macros in Nagios. It could be a time-saver!

Fixing Global Permissions In Nagios XI


This document outlines how to fix permissions problems located under the /usr/local/nagios and /usr/local/nagiosxi directory trees. This document is intended for Nagios XI Administrators who are experiencing permissions related issues with Nagios XI and ...

Step By Step Install & Configure Nagios


This short tutorial will show you step by step how to install and configure Nagios.

Monitoring Ubuntu Nodes with Nagios


This tutorial will give you a head start for working with Nagios in Ubuntu.

Monitoring Ubuntu Nodes with Nagios


This tutorial will give you a head start for working with Nagios in Ubuntu.


How To Make Nagios a Lot More Precise


This article explains how to make Nagios more precise, using dynamic check intervals.

2011 Conference Presentations


2011 Conference Presentations Check this out! You can download the slides for the 2011 conference presentations and workshops. We'll be posting videos of the sessions in November as well - stay tuned!

2011 Conference Photos


2011 Conference Photos Check this out! We have uploaded some of the 2011 Conference photos. There is more to come. Thank you, Josh!


Ethan Galstad - Nagios XI Overview


Ethan is the creator of Nagios from its early days as "NetSaint" in 1999. He currently serves as the President of Nagios Enterprises and is involved in development, architectural design, and various management duties. Ethan provides an introduction to Na ...

Dave Williams - Nagios In The Real World - The Datacent...


A description of a real-world implementation of Nagios and it's numerous add-ons that monitors & reports on a Tier-3 datacentre and all of the mechanical & electrical plant that a datacentre needs. Use of Nagvis, SNMPTT, dbevent, nsca & nrpe. Description ...

Mike Guthrie - Distributed Monitoring With Nagios: Past...


A review of how distributed monitoring has been done in the past, how it can be done with newly available tools, along with the bottlenecks and limitations with different approaches. Will also include a discussion on new ideas for distributed monitoring a ...

Mike Guthrie - Exploring Nagios Visualization Tools


Mike demonstrates the setup and use of different visual tools with Nagios and how they can be used, including Graph Explorer, Nagios BPI, Google Maps integration, Hypermap and network replay reports, NagVis and DaVinci.

Mike Weber - Training: Monitoring Linux Mail Servers Wi...


This training session focuses on the features that are most important to monitor on a Linux mail server. Topics include port access speeds (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, POP3S and IMAPS), queue management, mailbox verification, email reception, anti-virus signatures ...

Mike Weber - Training: Choosing Nagios Plugins To Use


Your choice of plugins may be costing you 40%-80% more resources on the Nagios server than you need. This training session demonstrates how to save resources by examining the differences between pubic port monitoring, NRPE, SSH, SNMP and passive scripts. ...

Mike Weber - Training: Getting Started With SNMP


Learn how to start monitoring servers, switches and routers using SNMP. This session takes you through step by step into the basics of SNMP and the commands you can use to get an edge on a not so easy process.

Mike Weber - Training: Reducing Nagios Server Load With...


A common question that is often asked is how to reduce the load on the Nagios server so it can perform more efficiently. Mod-Gearman provides a way to distribute checks across your network to reduce the load on the Nagios server. This session provides the ...

David Thomas - Know Its Broke Before Your Customers Do


How can your company or organization monitor, track and keep you notified of "anything and everything" that might go wrong in your network while maintaining your change management database? This can be done no matter what your budget constraints or requir ...

Nicholas Scott - Nagios Performance Tuning


This presentation covers methods for monitoring and improving the performance of your Nagios servers - including use of caching, RAM disks, passive checks, and database optimization.

Matt Wall - Performance Graphing and Trending In Nagios


This presentation covers graphing/trending topics, with nagiosgraph as the example implementation and covering some best practices (e.g. rrdtool issues, data collection options, data freshness, host/service naming, aggregation versus specialization, autom ...

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