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Configure Sendmail for SMTP Authentication


Are you getting maillog errors on your Nagios server? Learn how to configure sendmail for SMTP authentication.

Linux Software RAID Nagios Monitoring & Failure Simulat...


This is an overview of how to use the Linux mdadm tool to create, remove and rebuild a software RAID 1 (mirror) device. You will also learn about the Nagios check_linux_raid plugin.

Nagios Plugin–Advance Traceroute To Check Between Two...


This article will show you how to write a plugin to traceroute between Nagios server and a destination IP.

Nagios 3.2.0 Coredumps When Started Via SMF On Solaris ...


This article will show you why Nagios crashes if it is run via SMF on Solaris 10 and how to avoid it.

Nagios and iPhone Push Notifications


This article will demonstrate how to set up notifications in Nagios, so you can get them instantly on your iPhone.

Using rrdcached with Nagios XI


This document describes how to enable rrdcached with Nagios XI as a step to improve performance and reduce disk I/O on large installations. rrdcached is a daemon that receives updates to existing RRD files, accumulates them and, if enough have been recei ...

Using Nagios MIBs with a SonicWALL


This short tutorial will show you how you can leverage MIBs from third party vendors with Nagios.

Addon - Nagios Passive Checks with NSCA


This article will show you how to set Nagios passive checks with NSCA.

Monitor Bandwidth Via MRTG Logs Error on Nagios


This short tutorial will show you how to fix the "check_mrtgtraf: Unable to open MRTG log file" error in Ubuntu 11.10.

Twagios 2.0 - Nagios Notifications Revisited


This tutorial will show you how to set your Twitter Notifications in Nagios.

Writing Nagios Plugins Using PyNagios


This tutorial will provide an introduction and examples for writing Nagios plugins using PyNagios.

Monitor Time Drift With Nagios and SNMP


This article will show you how to keep your ntpd configuration in line with Nagios and SNMP.

Monitoring F5 BigIP TMM Utilization with Nagios and SNM...


In this blog you will find a perl script, which you can use to monitor F5 BigIP TMM utilization with Nagios and SNMP.

Tip - Convert Nagios.log Timestamp


This short tutorial will show you how to convert an ugly timestamp into something more readable in Nagios.

Nagios Toner Check Scripts


In this article you will find a couple of toner scripts for Nagios.

Nagios In Your Vista Sidebar


This tutorial will show you how to view the current status of Nagios into your Windows Vista sidebar.

Looping Through a List


This article shows a community-distributed script for monitoring and responding to web site attacks with Nagios.

Installing Nagios Mobile


This document describes how to install and take initial setup steps for the Nagios Mobile interface.

NRPE Nagios Plugin To Check The Number Of Files In A Di...


This tutorial will demonstrate how to check the number of files in a directory with NRPE and Nagios.

NetApp SNMP Monitoring With Nagios


This tutorial will show you how to monitor NetApp filers with Nagios.

WatchGuard Wizard Usage


This document describes how to setup your WatchGuard device and your Nagios XI server to allow for quick and easy monitoring of your WatchGuard device.

Nagios Plugin To Check A Subversion Working Copy For Mo...


This article demonstrates how to use the community-distributed Nagios plugin “check_svnstatus” to check a working copy of subversion for modifications.

Nagios And SMS Notifications With Gammu And Siemens MC3...


This blog article will show you how to set SMS notifications with Gammy and Siemens MC35i in Nagios.

Creating Nagios Plugins Using Python


If you use Nagios to monitor your servers, like just about everyone else on the planet, you should learn how to create Nagios plugins using Python.

Nagios Addon - pnp4nagios


The author of this article talks about installing the pnp4nagios addon in Nagios.

Nagios Utils.php Script For PHP Plugins


In this blog, you will find a community-distributed script for making ir easier to write nagios plugins in PHP.

Installing Nagios Made Easy


This community-distributed script is supposed to make installing Nagios easy. Check it out!

How To Access The Nagios Web Interface Securely Over ht...


This article will show you how to access the Nagios web interface securely over https (SSL).

Nagios Check Plugin For Google App Dashboard


In this article, you can read about a Nagios check plugin for the Google Apps Status Dashboard.

Sending SNMP Traps From Nagios


This tutorial will demonstrate how to send SNMP traps from Nagios.

MultiTech iSMS Integration With Nagios XI


This document describes how to integrate the Multi-Tech iSMS GSM modem with Nagios XI. The iSMS provides out-of-band (OOB) SMS notifications for Nagios XI, thereby increasing the reliability and dependability of receiving critical alerts and notifications ...

Nagios XI – Installing MSSQL Wizard Prereqs


This document describes how to install the prerequisites for the MSSQL wizards and plugins. These wizards and plugins are used to monitor vital metrics and ensure that MSSQL databases are functioning properly. These prerequisites are only required for ver ...

MySQL Replication Monitoring On Ubuntu 10.04 With Nagio...


This article will show you how to monitor MySQL replication on Ubuntu 10.04 with Nagios and NRPE.

Six Nagios Command Line Options Explained With Examples


This article explains various command line options that are available for the nagios command.

Nagios SNMP Check All Disks Plugin


This article talks about a community-distributed plugin, that uses snmpwalk, and monitors your disk partitions.

SMS Nagios Notifications With PHP And Twilio


This tutorial will show you how to set up your Nagios SMS notifications using Twilio.

Functional Monitoring (and Sharepoint) With Nagios


This article will demonstrate how to monitor Sharepoint with Nagios.

Writing Custom Nagios Plugins With Python


This article will show you how to write custom Nagios plugins with Python.

Creating Custom TCP Monitors In Nagios


In this article you will learn how to create a custom checks in Nagios.

SNMP Monitoring With Nagios


This article will show you how to monitor your network with SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and Nagios.

Nagios XI – Configure FTP for Nagios


This document describes how to configure an FTP server running on your Nagios XI installation. It is intended for use by Nagios XI Administrators who wish to implement FTP on Nagios XI. If your using Nagios to monitor a windows environment, you can use FT ...

Nagios: Implementing Auto-Complete For The Search Box


This article will demonstrate how to implement auto-complete for the search box in Nagios.

Nagios: Check WMI Plus On Ubuntu


This article explains how to install the WMI Plus plugin with Nagios on recent releases of Ubuntu.

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