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bylmiltchev, September 26, 2022
It worked as expected. The output looks a bit weird though. I would suggest that you add a blank line at the end of it.

Maybe add:

print "

to line 103 and 140?

bylmiltchev, May 26, 2022
Every time I was running the plugin I was getting the following error: "Error, check you internet connection". could not be pinged, so in order to make the plugin work, I had to change line 52 from this:
urllib.request.urlopen('', timeout=2)
to this:
urllib.request.urlopen('https://www.google.com/', timeout=2)
MayraAltamirano, if you are already in the plugins directory, make sure to run your plugin as such:

./check_fortigate.pl -H -C public -T cluster

or run it with:

/full/path/to/the/check_fortigate.pl -H -C public -T cluster

Hope this helps.
bylmiltchev, October 27, 2017
Nagios Comparison To Icinga
@ikarpov, if you feel that we haven't represented the product comparison accurately, you could submit your corrections or/and suggestions here:


Thank you!
bylmiltchev, May 30, 2017

>I will mention that the doc I found that shows how to install it is out of date.

Can you elaborate on the statement above?

bylmiltchev, August 16, 2016
CISCO ASR9K RSP / Inlet / Hotspot Temperature Monitoring
zahid72, did you forget to upload the "check.asr.sh" file? There is no download link...
Owner's reply

File is attached. Actually, the submit button was pressed mistakenly during working over image upload.

bylmiltchev, July 14, 2016
The link on the bottom of the page is broken.

bylmiltchev, February 23, 2016
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anaumov, did you forget to upload your plugin?

Thank you!
Owner's reply

Thank you, lmiltchev. Now it's here :)

bylmiltchev, November 19, 2015
Make your own post, and upload the script you updated. Provide a URL link to the "original" plugin. Thanks!
bylmiltchev, April 16, 2015
I fixed the link. Thanks for bringing our attention to this!
bylmiltchev, February 6, 2015
History Tab
Great component! Keep up the good work, Box293!
bylmiltchev, September 12, 2012
It is a nice plugin! Unfortunately it doesn't return perfdata.
bylmiltchev, January 23, 2012
You can post a feature request on our bug tracker here:
bylmiltchev, October 25, 2011
Alert Cloud XI Component
The bug in xmldata.php is fixed.
Korrax, thank you for pointing this out!