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Nagios Memory Plugin


Nagios Memory Plugin This is a nagios plugin and supporting pnp4nagios templates to monitor/graph memory usage.


How To Monitor Docker Containers With Nagios XI


This document describes how to use the Docker Configuration Wizard to monitor your containers’ status and resource usage with Nagios XI. This document is intended for use by Nagios Administrators and end users who want to monitor their Docker contain ...

Nagios Failover Setup


This tutorial demonstrates how to setup a Nagios failover server.

Install and Enable SNMP Service in Windows XP, Vista an...


This article shows you how to install, enable, and configure the SNMP service in Windows XP, Vista, and 2003.

Simple Nagios NRPE Bash Plugin To Check A URL Or Image ...


Learn how to check a URL or image existence with a simple NRPE bash plugin in Nagios!

Monitor Dell Server Hardware In Nagios With SNMP v3


This tutorial shows you how to monitor Dell server hardware in Nagios with SNMP.

Check Windows Event Logs with Nagios


This tutorial demonstrates how to check Windows event logs with NSClient++ and Nagios.

Monitor HP Proliant DL360 On Nagios And SNMP v3


This tutorial shows you how to monitor HP Proliant DL360 with SNMP and Nagios.

Replacing Ping With Nmap For Nagios


This tutorial demonstrates how to replace Ping with Nmap for Nagios.

Nagios Install Script For ClearOS


This article shows you how to install Nagios on ClearOS box via a community-distributed install script.

Nagios3 On Debian External Commands


This short tutorial demonstrates how to enable external commands in Nagios on a Debian install of Nagios.

Monitor For Out Of Date And Inactive Machines With Nagi...


This tutorial shows you how to monitor for out-of-date and inactive machines with the Nagios check_uptrack plugin.

Notify Nagios From Java


This tutorial demonstrates how to send notifications from a java application to Nagios.

Twagios - Use Twitter For Nagios Notifications


This tutorial demonstrates how to configure Nagios, in order to receive alerts in Twitter.

Nagios: Checking For Abnormally Large NetApp Snapshots


This article shows you a community-distributed Nagios perl script to check for abnormally large NetApp snapshots.

A Simple Perl Script To Convert Nagios/Squid Logs Time ...


This is a community-distributed perl script, which converts Nagios / Squid logs time to a human readable format.

Nagios check_snmp INVERTER


This tutorial shows you how to use the check_snmp_inverter plugin with Nagios.

Nagios Monitoring MySQL


This tutorial demonstrates how to monitor MySQL with Nagios.

Monitor FTP Errors with Nagios


This article will show you how to monitor FTP errors with Nagios.

Monitor Fox DataDiode Network with Nagios


This document shows you how to use Nagios to monitor the entire (classified and unclassified) network efficiently, without degrading security.

Webmetrics API plug-in for Nagios


In this article you will learn about the Webmetrics API plugin for Nagios.

Installing Nagios-plugins and NRPE on Centos 5.x


This blog article demonstrates how to install nagios plugins and NRPE on CentOS 5.

Setting Up Email Alerts for Network Monitoring with Nag...


This article will show you how to set up e-mail alerts for network monitoring with Nagios.

Nagios Script To Check DNS Servers Status


This is a community-distributed script to check DNS servers status with Nagios.

Nagios Installation And Configuration


This tutorial shows you how to install and configure Nagios in CentOS 5.

Monitoring Power State On Virtual Machines With Nagios


This article demonstrates how to monitor power states on virtual machines with the check_vmware_status plugin in Nagios.

Nagios notify-by-campfire Plugin


In this article you can read about a community-distributed Nagios notify-by-campfire plugin.

RT-Nagios Gateway


This short article talks about the bi-directional RT-Nagios gateway, which can help you transform specific alerts from Nagios into a Help Desk ticket in Request Tracker and help you achieve compliance.

Using Nagios To Monitor Test Systems


This short article describes why and how you should use Nagios to monitor test systems.

Monitoring Gluster With Nagios


This short tutorial shows you how to monitor gluster with Nagios.

Nagios Script To Monitor Memory Uses


This is a community-distributed script, which can be used in Nagios to monitor Linux memory usage.

How To Add Device For SNMP Trap Monitoring In Nagios


This tutorial demonstrates how to add a device for SNMP trap monitoring in Nagios.

Configure hostgroups for Nagios


This article will demonstrate how to configure hostgroups in Nagios.

Configuring Nagios (Part II)


This is a Part 2 of a tutorial that shows you how to configure Nagios.

Monitoring EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA)...


This white paper describes a software plug-in that can be used with the Nagios Core infrastructure monitoring framework to display the state of a wide range of components in the EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA).

Configuring Nagios (Part I)


This is a Part 1 of a tutorial that shows you how to configure Nagios.

Basic use of the Nagios Discovery Tool


Basic use of the Nagios Discovery Tool This video provides a very basic overview of how you can use the Nagios Discovery Tool (NDT) to setup basic monitoring of a Windows Host.


Installing the Nagios Discovery Tool


Installing the Nagios Discovery Tool This video takes you through the process of installing the Nagios Discovery Tool for Windows (NDTW) - version 1.0.

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