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wol nagios plugin

check to see if a target is alive, by sending a continuous ping. when the target is down the script send the magic packet frame to turn on the machine.


Windows Port of Nagios Plugins

These are official Nagios Plugins compiled for Windows. Not all plugins compile for Windows and some might not work as expected. This is a short tutorial howto compile the tools with Cygwin. To compile the plugins from https://nagios-plugins.org/ inst ...

Using Nagios Business Process Intelligence Addon


Nagios Business Process Intelligence is an advanced grouping tool that allows you to set more complex dependencies to determine groups states. Nagios BPI provides an interface to effectively view the 'real' state of the network. Rules for group states can ...

Tipping Point CPU, MEM, FS

Monitor cpu, memory and filesystems via snmp on Tipping Point (http://www.tippingpoint.com/) devices.


Thecus NAS Health, N16000 (php version)

See check_thecus.pl - A nagios plugin to monitor newer THECUS NAS applicance - now adapted for N16000 (v2.01) (PHP based frontend version) - sceleton from (http://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/Hardware/Storage-Systems/SAN-and-NAS/Thecus-NAS- ...

/Category:SAN and NAS

The Definitive Quickstart Beginners Guide to Nagios for...


This tutorial walks through the basics of configuring Nagios, with a strong focus on maintainability and scalability. We start small and simple, but pay attention to inheritance and keeping your config files organized. In the end, you'll have a rather ...


SuperMicro IPMI Powersupply Check


This is a check to directly read the health status of individual power supplies in a IPMI enabled (supermicro) server. Very handy if there is no one around to hear the failed power supply beeping.


Sun Grid Engine with qping

Check Sun Grid Engine Daemons using qping(1).

/Category:Grid Computing


Some up-to-date SOLR check! Can check 3 things - Ping - Replication delay - Compare (check if server contains same cores are another server)


SmokePing Viewer

SmokePing Viewer Use this component to view SmokePing data from within Nagios.


Simple TCP Port ant Ping Check in PowerShell


This Script Will Test if TCP Port Connection is open and if it pings --EXAMPLE .check_testport.ps1 -Server SERVER-ADDRESS OK : PingReplyDetails: 32ms --EXAMPLE 1 .check_testport.ps1 -Server SERVER-ADDRESS FAIL: Ping Timeout -- EXAMPLE 2 .che ...



Fetches/checks system performance stats via SNMP from net-snmp or mib2 host agents including many types of CPU usages (User, System, Wait, Idle, etc), memory/swap usage, load averages, paging/swapping rates. Includes pnp4nagios template and nagvis gadget.


Send Nagios service problem as mail

A python script which can be used as an event handler for services within Nagios to automatically send mail to a targeted mail address when a service problem occurs. The script is called by creating a command within Nagios and passing the parameters requi ...

Replacing Ping With Nmap For Nagios


This tutorial demonstrates how to replace Ping with Nmap for Nagios.

Plugin Tool

Plugin Tool This Component allows you to test Plugins and Commands. When you upload a plugin to your Nagios XI server you will usually want to test it first. This involves establishing an SSH session to the Nagios XI server and then typing some command line (CLI) ...



This lightweight script ping two hosts, and return OK only if a host is up and the other down.


Ping of multiple Hosts via icmp protocol

Multi Ping Useful to monitor VPN-Connections (Network-Tunnels) if the linkage is up & running between the 2 locations.


Ping Action


Ping Action This component adds an action to host and service detail screens that allows you to quickly ping the host or device. Useful for troubleshooting network connectivity.


PHP Nagios Traceroute and Ping


Want to View Ping & Traceroute results from your web browser, then this is the php script for you ! ;-)

/Category:Web Interfaces
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