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SmokePing Viewer

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  • Nagios XI
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SmokePing Viewer
Use this component to view SmokePing data from within Nagios.
We utilize SmokePing, but our Network Operations Center focuses day-to-day operations primarily on Nagios.

I wrote this basic component to pull data from our SmokePing Master and display it in Nagios.

We have 3 (subnet) zones set up as slaves, and I have it set up for us to display two sections:

Top Section - img src of that zone's gateway to the left, img src of a random rotating zone ip to the right - all repeated for each zone.
NOTE: If you don't need this section at all, you can *probably* safely set the ".target { }" css to "display: none;"

Bottom Section (what you're probably most interested in) - the full data from the master page.

This script cURLs from the Master's HTTP server, and then parses the text to be able to display properly. We have ~90 hosts, and it takes a minute to gather the data/parse to a page - after that it refreshes automatically. This is very nice for a static NOC display.

I've tried to get it trimmed to be as generic as possible, but I may have missed something. If so, contact me with your questions, and I'll help as much as I can.
Reviews (1)
byzahid72, March 30, 2016
Howto install/configure, better to have a README in that zip
Owner's reply

My apologies for a lack of a README/ install guide. Unfortunately, I no longer maintain this component.

However, the install instructions should be as follows:

1. Download file and upload as component in Nagios XI
2. Open the graphs.php file on the filesystem with your favorite editor
3. Change the variables in the "CHANGABLE VARIABLES" section.
3a. The $smokeping_url variable needs to be set to a hostname that is available to your apache user on the Nagios instance.
3b. The $smokeping_targets should be an array of targets to collect graphs from. In my use-case, each one of these correlated to a slave, but your mileage may vary.
3c. The rest of the variables should be self-explanatory based on their names, and you should be able to leave them as they sit. Feel free to tweak them.

You're welcome to fork, change and redistribute, as well.