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Nagios stats with graphs (nagiostats)

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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
check_nagiostats.phppnp4nagios template
service and host perf.pngExample screenshot 1
latency_and_execution.pngExample screenshot 2
service checks.pngExample screenshot 3
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The script checks Nagios statistics from the nagiostats commands and reports perf data.
I have created a pnp4nagios template which reports the following:

- Graph 1 - Service status
-> No. services in downtime
-> No. services in warning
-> No. services in unknown
-> No. services in critical
-> No. services in flapping
-> Total service problems
-> Total services (disabled by default but just un-comment if required)
- Graph 2 - Total services
-> Total no of services
- Graph 3 - Host statistics
-> No. hosts flapping
-> No. hosts up
-> No. hosts down
-> Total no. of hosts (can be disabled)
-> Hosts in downtime
-> Total problems
- Graph 4 - Check latency
-> Active service check latency
-> Active host check latency
- Graph 5 - Execution times
-> Active service execution times
-> Active host execution times
- Graph 6 - host performance in last 5 mins
-> Serial host checks
-> Parallel host checks
-> Scheduled host checks
-> On demand host checks
-> Cached host checks
- Graph 7 - Service performance in last 5 mins
-> Scheduled service checks
-> Active service checks
-> On demand service checks
-> Cached service checks
- Graph 8 - External checks in last 5 mins
-> No of external checks

There are around a further 18 performance stats that are collected by the script but not graphed. These are in the template in case you want to add them.