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PHP Nagios Traceroute and Ping

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nagios-ping-tool-v00.tgzInitial Release
nagios-ping-tool-v03.tgzVersion 0.3
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Want to View Ping & Traceroute results from your web browser, then this is the php script for you ! ;-)
My place of work pretty much demanded the need for the monitoring guys (i.e. people that stare at the screen, waiting for red things) to have the ability to run traceroutes from nagios to the effected node - The twist in the storey was that they wanted to do it from a browser !

This package is a collection of simple scripts, one to read your nagios hosts.cfg file, one to produce the buttons to click, and a couple to format page headers & footers.

Installation should be simple, unpack & edit config.php so that it can see your working nagios hosts.cfg, WARNING: php safemode, ping & traceroute are not normally accepted if safemode is on, you may need to check your server settings.