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UPS Checks


Three perl scripts to monitor APC, Merlin Guerin and Powerware UPS. Performance data are also provided using groundwork like syntax. Updated by Alexander Rudolf - added support for external temperature sensor (exttemp...) Hint: expecting the value ...



Checks Macrovision FLEXlm license servers. (Requires the lmutil utility for your OS running Nagios - see www.macrovision.com to obtain this).


check specific file age on Windows.

/Category:Windows NRPE

Windows nrpe: Check Raid ibm cfggen


Windows NRPE, ibm cfggen RAID status check script: check_raid_ibm_cfggen.vbs

/Category:RAID Controllers

A Nagios Plug-in for iLO Agentless Management (HPE ProL...


A Nagios Plug-in for iLO Agentless Management (HPE ProLiant Server) The Nagios plug-in for iLO agentless management and Nagios plug-in for iLO RESTful aim to manage HPE ProLiant servers within the data center by an automated manner. Check video demo at: https://youtu.be/P1JnfINtCwU or http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTYw ...


Check HP MSA (Modular Smart Array) sensors


This plugin checks all sensors of an HP MSA array. Currently successfully tested with : HP MSA2312i HP MSA2012i HP MSA2012fc HP MSA2324i HP P2000 G3 MSA (iSCSI & FC) Usage : check_msa_hardware.pl -H [ hostname | IP address ...

/Category:SAN and NAS


check_snmp_mgeeaton_ups Perl script to monitor EATON UPS (Ex MGE-OPS) via Network Management Card 66102 or Network Management Proxy. Check temperature and humidity if the Environment Sensor 66846 is connected to NMC 66102.

/Category:Merlin Guerin



check_3ware is a Windows plugin for Nagios which checks the status of 3ware RAID controllers (or LSI Raid controllers). The plugin determines the status of Raidsets, Raid-Controllers and of individual discs (S.M.A.R.T), while all stripe sets are supported ...

/Category:RAID Controllers

Raspberry Pi - Step By Step


Raspberry Pi - Step By Step Text File with Step by Step Instructions for Installing Nagios and Nconf on the Raspberry Pi. Use Putty.exe to SSH to the box and you can copy and paste the commands. 15 Minutes from Fresh Image to Running Nagios. Cheers, Jeff

Perl scripts to monitor Windows servers by Winexe

The archive contains example scripts that use Winexe to execute commands or monitor something 1- check_winexe_remotecmd.pl : launch remotely a Windows command by winexe 2- check_winexe_powreshell_remotecmd.pl : launch remotely a PowerShell script by Win ...


Aruba Instant Virtual Controller


Used to monitor number of AP's in aruba instant cluster.


Synology status

Synology status this plugin check the health of your Synology NAS - System status (Power, Fans) - Disks status - RAID (Volume) status - DSM update status - Temperatures - Storage percentage of use - UPS informations


Send HTML Alert Email v3


Send HTML Alert Email v3 This is the Version 3 of the popular 'Send HTML Alert Email'. Nagios Alert eMails now contain formatted Text & Performance Graphs. Tested with Nagios v3 & 4. Contains Useful Features Like --- 1) Performance Graphs 2) Total Downtime of the Service upon ...




This is a Nagios Plugin destined to check the last status and last run of Veeam Backup & Replication job passed as an argument.




With this PHP plugin, you can check some chassis values from Brocade Netiron: - Power supply operational information - fan operational information - different temperatures


Check SAN Switch Health

This plugin checks sensors (psu, temperature, fans et al) and overall health of SAN switches that understand the Fibre Alliance MIB. There is a long list of companies behind that MIB; I have tested the script with switches from Brocade and Qlogic.

/Category:SAN and NAS

check_snmp_brocade - monitor Brocade fibre channel swit...

check_snmp_brocade is a Nagios plugin to monitor the status of a single fc-port on a Brocade (labeled or original) fibre-channel switch. It is (in my opinion) the most complete plugin for brocades. I needs the MIBs from Brocade.By Martin Fuerstenau


Check IBM 2498-F48 status

This plugin is to check IBM 2498-F48 switch status and the results are shown in Nagios GUI.

/Category:IBM Brocade