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  • Nagios 3.x
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With this PHP plugin, you can check some chassis values from Brocade Netiron:

- Power supply operational information
- fan operational information
- different temperatures
Tested on Brocade XMR (T5.2.00D), should also run on MLX-E and other models.

At the top just configure theses options:
- SNMP Community
- Temperature Critical Value
- location of snmpwalk binary

Be sure you have implemented the Foundry MIB Files on your system.

Then you got an output like that:

Power Suppply 1 normal operation
Power Suppply 2 normal operation
Power Suppply 3 normal operation
Fan 1 normal operation
Fan 2 normal operation
Fan 3 normal operation
Fan 4 normal operation
39C on "Line module 1, sensor 1 temperature"
50C on "Line module 1, sensor 2 temperature"
34.5C on "Line module 1, sensor 4 temperature"
45.5C on "Line module 1, sensor 5 temperature"
49C on "Line module 2, sensor 1 temperature"
59C on "Line module 2, sensor 2 temperature"
47C on "Line module 2, sensor 4 temperature"
53C on "Line module 2, sensor 5 temperature"
35.5C on "Line module 3, sensor 1 temperature"
62.5C on "Line module 3, sensor 2 temperature"
42.5C on "Line module 4, sensor 1 temperature"
73C on "Line module 4, sensor 2 temperature"
36C on "Active management module temperature"
48C on "Active management module temperature"
40C on "Standby management module temperature"
51.5C on "Standby management module temperature"
33C on "Switch Fabric module 0, sensor 1 temperature"
40C on "Switch Fabric module 2, sensor 1 temperature"