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Category: APC

Nagios plugins for monitoring APC UPS units.

Nagios Network Analyzer

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Category Listings:
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APC apcupsd multiple

Nagios Python plugin for APC UPS software apcupsd daemon and apcaccess client to query for status and performance graphs.


APC PDU Pair Load Monitoring

Script to check a pair of APC dual bank PDUs installed in a rack for overload situation, whereby Bank 1 or Bank 2 of PDU 1 and PDU 2 have a combined load over the maximum of one Bank, thus meaning redundant power is not necessarily available.


APC SmartUPS check if UPS is on batteries or cable

APC SmartUPS check if UPS is on batteries or cable



Check APC UPS This is a fork of the original from layerthree ( It extends the capabilities and it was modeled to monitor a SYMMETRA APC UPS, however it can support a wid ...


Check Powernet PDU load

Check Powernet PDU load Performs a per-bank load check (based on load status or real load values) on a Powernet MIB (APC) compliant PDU.



A simple local Nagios Plugin for apcupsd APC Smart-UPS using apcaccess.

Perl script that uses SNMP to check an APC UPS for: status: power status (normal, on battery, bypass etc) and runtime remaining health: last diagnostics result and battery replacement load: % load and/or wattage



Plugin to check if apcaccess STATUS is ONLINE. (another plugin existing in exchange but file is empty --> I make mine and share to you)



heck for ambient temperature on SNMP-enabled APC AP9340 Environmental Manager


check for SNMP-enabled APC Power Distribution Units


check_apcpowerstrip This plugin checks the load on APC powerstrips using SNMP and alerts on over current conditions. It can test both single and A/B bank strips.



check for APC UPS with SNMP management card with temperature / humidity sensors


check_apcupsd Nagios plugin to monitor APC Smart-UPSes using apcupsd.


check_apcupsd_ng A Nagios plugin to monitor APC Smart UPS’s forked from Martin Toft’s check_apcupsd


Checks APC UPSs parameters using the "acpuspd" utility.


check_apcupsd_v1_3 (performance data output added)

check_apcupsd v1.2 is now v1.3 (performance data output added)


Check load and outlet status of a APC PDU through snmp. Nagios Plugin to check PDU APC Load Usage: [-H hostname] [-c communauty] [-w warning] [-c critical] -H Hostname " -C (default public) communauty -w (optional) warning threshold " -c (optional) critical threshold " Use base ...



A plugin to check multiple PDUs for load values and add them up, this can be used to measure the total load on a circuit with multiple PDUs. Uses to query each PDU, adds up the results and passes on any errors/warnings.



check_netbotz This python plugin will check NetBotz200 temperature and humidity sensor,and return the results. In addition, it produces performance data.


Jeff Manross

Jeff Manross Sample Code for communication to APC UPS Via: SNMP / Link to Text File

Plugin to get humidity/temperature from PDU powernet se...

Plugin to get humidity/temperature from PDU powernet sensors Read humidity or temperature (or both) from PDU sensors (depending from your sensors) and display them. This plugin require powernet405.mib mib file to work.


UPS Checks

Three perl scripts to monitor APC, Merlin Guerin and Powerware UPS. Performance data are also provided using groundwork like syntax. Updated by Alexander Rudolf - added support for external temperature sensor (exttemp...) Hint: expecting the value ...