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SuperMicro IPMI Powersupply Check


This is a check to directly read the health status of individual power supplies in a IPMI enabled (supermicro) server. Very handy if there is no one around to hear the failed power supply beeping.




My collection of monitoring plugins for Nagios and similar monitoring systems. Contains a broad range of plugins for monitor thinks like: CUPS, libVirt, NFS/SUN-RPC, RedHat Cluster, DNSSEC, RedHat Satelite, SELinux, QNap Storage, tftp, SSL, Areca Raid, Ko ...


Dell Server Check


This plugin connects directly to a DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) or iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) and provides information about the server and its status. This program does not require OpenManage to work, and is thus more ind ...


Dell BMC IPMI Checks


This is a check plugin for the Dell BMC IPMI interface. This has been tested and developed with the PowerEdge 2950.


check_ipmi_sensors PERL Plugin

Check status of temperature sensors and fans with ipmi.




Plugin that checks each line of the "ipmitool sensor" for temperatures and voltages outside the tolerance levels.




Plugin based on "ipmitool sdr list all" - checks if all components are "ok".




Quick healthcheck of disk/power/etc based on the OpenIPMI command "ipmitool chassis status"



Check the status of a management system using IPMI You must have "ipmitool" installed You must pass as an argument the host's ip to analyze You must change the user and password within the script or otherwise put $ 2 and $ 3 to pass as arguments.

/Category:Active Checks



This is a barebone FreeIPMI based Nagios IPMI monitoring script. The top of the file includes a basic help for getting it rolling and the script is discussed in the post.

/Category:Server Hardware

check_ipmi.pl - plugin for checking SUN hardware via IP...

check_ipmi.pl checks SUN Servers with ILOM/IPMI interface and reports the FAN/Temp ... values as performance data.


Check_IPMI Plugin


Check IPMI Vales from the BMC on the Dell PowerEdge (or DRAC5) or other IPMI agent.



check_ipmi This plugin uses the ipmitool command and can obtain value of sensor. You can question one or several sensor in one command. Example (question for fans): ./check_ipmi.py -H hostname.doamin.com --username user -P password "FAN 1 RPM" "FAN 2 RPM" -w 4000 ...


Check Lenovo SMM (System Management Module)

This is a Nagios plugin (python script) that monitors Lenovo SMM (System Management Module) through IPMI protocol. This Lenovo Nagios plugin can collect hardware informations of the following components: voltage, cooling, psu, nodes, power and psu_fan.


Check iDrac via IPMI


This script uses an iDRAC user to check the server hardware via iDRAC. It has been tested and used with dell servers and blades running iDRAC 6 & 7. It uses freeipmi to perform the actual query. I strongly recommend using a read only user for this. ...