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  • Nagios 3.x
check_ipmi.pyPython check IPMI script

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This is a barebone FreeIPMI based Nagios IPMI monitoring script. The top of the file includes a basic help for getting it rolling and the script is discussed in the post.
As discussed here:

This is a python based Nagios IPMI monitoring tool. It isn't specific to any hardware and is based off the sensor listings available on your particular hardware. Simply select the sensor numbers you want to keep an eye on and if they don't respond with a simple [OK] you can provide an expected output alternatively.

Latest versions can always be found at the svn link:

Current work is to add handling for the ipmi chassis info (instead of just the ipmi sensors command). I'm testing it presently but it can be found at: for the curious. The re-factored version will be merged in as the new main target once I've determined nothing has been broken critically.