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Check health and perf data of MD3200 and MD3000. Requires SMcli be installed on the system. And centreon/nagios have rights to execute it.

2015/03/27: Added a --no-ping-check option

If you can provide results of the following smcli command, it would be nice:
* show storagearray healthstatus;
* show storagearray batteryage;
* show storagearray unreadablesectors;
to improve the parsing. There are some things i can't simulate.
Before doing the query, checks if the controllers are available to avoid timeout.

I would not advise to run this every minute. The query via SMcli take a long time. (30 seconds usually)

Health wise:
* output all failures detected even if not known
* check controllers, battery, paths,
* check power (only 3200)

Performance wise:
* output data for the virtualdisks
* able to make totals per storage array / controllers
* filter of perf data possible

* ./check_dell_md3200 --c1 IP1 --c2 IP2 --mode 'virtualdisks' -a 'Current KB' -r 'emptyset' --perf --md3000
=> Optimal - VD ARCHIVE Current KB/second =0.0,VD DATA Current KB/second =304.0,VD QORUM Current KB/second =1738.4,Total Current KB/second =2042.4|VD_ARCHIVE_Current_KB/second_=0.0

* ./check_dell_md3200 --c1 IP1 --c2 IP2 --health
=> TBD
Reviews (2)
bydhedlund, October 9, 2015
Is the performance data output not in a format that pnp4nagios understands? If that's the case, can someone change it?

@CK7: I had similar results, but I think I fixed it. Some of the variables have single hyphens, but worked when I changed them to double hyphens like the other variables. Try this command line, instead:
[ ./check_dell_md3200 --c1 MyIP1 --c2 MyIP2 --mode 'virtualdisks' --a 'Current KB' --r 'emptyset' --perf --md3000 ]
I execute this check [ ./check_dell_md3200 --c1 MyIP1 --c2 MyIP2 --mode 'virtualdisks' -a 'Current KB' -r 'emptyset' --perf --md3000 ] but the result is different about your result. My result is: Optimal - 0. What does mean that zero?