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check_dell_bladechassis is a plugin for Nagios which checks the hardware health of Dell blade enclosures via SNMP. The plugin supports both the new M1000e enclosure and the old 1855/1955 enclosures.

This plugin is designed to be a companion plugin to check_openmanage in terms of supported options and functionality. The information that can be gathered via SNMP from these enclosures is limited, so the plugin can't be as detailed as check_openmanage can for Dell servers. In particular, this applies to the old 1855/1955 chassis.

The plugin queries the monitored host remotely via SNMP. It is written in perl and requires the perl module Net::SNMP. Otherwise, the monitored host must be running SNMP, and the Nagios server must be allowed to communicate with the enclosure over SNMP. The -H or --hostname option is needed for the hostname/IP you want to check.

The plugin will optionally collect performance data on the M1000e. Performance data in this case is total power consumption (in Watts), total current (in Amperes) and per power supply unit voltage and amperage.

$ check_dell_bladechassis -H my-bladecenter1
OK - System: 'PowerEdge M1000e', SN: 'XXXXXXX', Firmware: '2.00', hardware working fine

If there is an error, the plugin will report it:

$ check_dell_bladechassis -H my-bladecenter1
Blade subsystem health status is Critical
Global system health status is Critical

There are many options available to alter the behaviour of this plugin. See the web page for more information.

IMPORTANT! When using this plugin to monitor 1855/1955 enclosures, use SNMP versjon 1. See the web page for more information.

Reviews (1)
byBox293, June 29, 2011
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Worked first time.

I suggest you visit the website link for some more in depth information.