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check_snmp_raid / check_sasraid_megaraid

Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 1.x
  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios XI
  • Nagios Fusion
check_sasraid_megaraid.plcheck_sasraid_megaraid.pl - version 1.75 (Dec 2007?)
check_sasraid_megaraid_18.plcheck_sasraid_megaraid..pl - version 1.8 (Dec 2010)
check_sasraid_megaraid.plcheck_sasraid_megaraid.pl - version 1.92 (Feb 2012)
check_snmp_raid.plcheck_snmp_raid.pl - version 2.2 (May 2013) - latest release under check_snmp_raid name, supports more devices and checks
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This plugin uses SNMP to check status of raid cards and NAS devices.

The type of controller is specified with -T option. Supported types are: megaraid, sasraid, perc3, perc4, perc5, perc6, perch700, mptfusion, sas6ir, sas6, adaptec, hp, smartarray, eti, ultrastor, synology

It should be fairly easy to extend this to new cards and devices if you know how to read MIB.
This is a nagios plugin to monitor RAID controller and attached disks.

Originally written to support LSI SCSI Megaraid cards (sold as Dell PERC3 and PERC4), it was later extended to support newer LSI SAS RAID cards (also sold as Dell PERC 5, PERC 6) and MPT Fusion (SAS6ir) cards. Starting with version 2.x it has support for Adaptec, HP Smart Array, ETI Ultrastor and Synology controllers and NAS devices.

For Megaraid SCSI card you need to have percsnmp package, for SAS Megaraid card you need sassnmp package (get it from lsi.com). For other cards please check with your vendor.

As part of its standard output line plugin reports number of controllers, physical drives, logical disks. Number of batteries is also reported for some sas cards. Drive numbers are reported in format x/y/z where x is controller (0 represents controller 1), y is channel id (note that 0 is channel A and 1 is channel B) and z is scsi or sas id on same channel.

For megaraid readfail & writefail errors and medium and other errors on drives are also reported. Model number of hard drives can be included with some devices as well as ate of rebuild; Power status and other controller checks are made for some devices.

If you want to another card or NAS and have a MIB for it, you should be able to add it fairly easily by adding proper OIDs that give status of physical and logical drives to an extendable array of what is to be checked based on card type. List of all card types and alias names for them are in another array (from 2.2 version). These are all at the top of the code below documentation header but above other plugin functions.
Reviews (2)
bysdbhabal, January 30, 2017
Could you please provide example of this command to use this plugin.
bybva, September 11, 2011
You need to install the "Megaraid Storage Manager" with SNMP support to make the plugin to work.
Once installed, it worked like a charm.

By the way, I don't agree that every SNMP errors are returned as UNKNOWN. I think every unintended errors must be CRITICAL.
I have to modify it manualy. Maybe this could beimplement as an option?