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Category: DNS

Nagios plugins for monitoring DNS.

Nagios Log Server

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Bind 9 new format statistics

Bind 9 new format statistics Just for statistics. Requires curl and xml_grep to work and to enable Bind 9 statistics: statistics-channels ; }; x.x.x.x being your Nagios server. Sort of ugly script but didn't find anything out there that could handle the new xml format used ...


Check DNS Replacement

replacement for the check DNS nagios plugin

Check DNS Serial

This check plugin allows you to check if all nameservers that host a DNS zone are up-to-date and deliver the same serial in the SOA-record of the zone.


Check DNS via Powershell

Check DNS as Powershell Script, to be used with NSClient/NSCP Windows DNS-Server parents might be external DNS-Server provided by ISP or google so this upstream connection can be checked with this script

Check resolver for DNSsec support

Perl-based NAGIOS script to check to see if a specified DNS recursive resolver supports DNSsec and properly fails with an incorrectly signed zone.

Check zones in sync

Check if zones are in sync on multiple DNS servers really fast.



Using dig this bash script make a query to two dns (the master and the slave) for the SOA record. Then it compare these SOA records and raise an alert if they are different. Also a warning i raised if the master is unreachable.



Checks zone transfers between master and slave dns servers. sh compliant script to check whether BIND is running and to get the performance data via rndc stats (PNP Template included) Nagios plugin to return Information on domain expiration date from OVH API.

LicenseGPL (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collection) Popular

Checks DNS records including A, NS and MX records for domains which the standard check_dns Nagios plugin can't do

Plugin to monitor changes of the IP address stored in the A record of a DNS resource.


Perl plugin that checks a specified DNS blacklist such as to see whether a host is listed. Depends on Net::DNS.


Check if the given IP-address is a member of a DNS roundrobin-cluster. Useful if you use DNS roundrobin to define different servers that are "in production".


check_dnssec is a set of Nagios plugins to monitor DNSSEC services/zones. check_dnssec is based on ldns a lowlevel DNS(SEC) library. This checks are deprecated by check_dnssec_* from monitoringplug.

This plugin checks the validity of the vital DNSSEC components required for secure DNS resolution of a correctly configured domain. The records are flags checked for validity are; DS (Delegation Of Signing) record. DNSKEY (Public Key) record. AD ...



Check A/PTR records for a host. Support for checking returnval vs. an array for matching valid response(s), threshhold for number of returned responses, and timeout values.


This checks to make sure the nameserver (-H) has RRSIG records for the zone specified with more than WARNING or CRITICAL days before expiration.


Check all DNS servers for a domain


This plugin will do a whois lookup on a given domain and return the number of days remaining until it expires.



Check-Plugin to verify an address registered with (and optionally to update the registered address upon detecting a mismatch!)


Check if able to logon to with specified credentials. Keeps your free account alive...!



Basic monitor to check whether BIND is up and running.


Check that all the name servers of your domain have the same SOA record (especially the version) and are thus up to date. Has optional support for a hidden primary.



Checks that a dns-server does not allow zonetranfer for a specific domain.


check_nslookup is a simple NS resolution host capability controler will query each published nameserver for a domain, reporting any problem it finds. It checks for serial # mismatches, non-authoritative answers, unreachable or other lameness.


Verify if a contingency zone file have all names/hosts form the prodution zone file. It's designed to garanty that both, production and contingency zone are sincronized.



Plugin designed to check value of some records of a zone by parsing the BIND zone file.



Test zone transfer to server were plugin is running.


DNS Alternative

Using this script you can ask a server to resolve a DNS name.

DNS Delegation

Checks if a given nameserver is authoritative for a given netblock.