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Category: Printers

Nagios plugins to monitor various printers.

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There are 11 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

Check Printer via SNMP

Checks the status of a Printer via SNMP. [ Obviously it needs to be a network printer :) ]

Check your printer consumables status using SNMP

Check your printer consumables status using SNMP This plugin can check your printer consumables status using SNMP v1 queries.



Plugin to locate networked printers and monitor their toner levels. Must run on a Windows host - use NSCA to submit results to Nagios.

check_printer - All in one printer check suitable for m...

This plugin can monitor printers of multiple vendors (HP, Kyocera, Ricoh, Nec, Lexmark, NRG ...). It supports private mibs of Ricoh and Kyocera. Can read papertray status, toner/ink status, hardware part status, internal counters and alert status. For Kyo ...


Report status of Printronix P7000/P7200 series printers.



This plugin checks print spooler on window servers for failed jobs via VBS and WMI and kills job or return printer name with failed jobs. (Set killjob Flag to False)


medium shellscript, wich allows you to check printers via snmp


This plugin will check the black toner level on a printer via SNMP.

Perl SNMP Printer check

Based upon a shell script that does snmp printer checks (see, I decided the performance would much better if it was written in perl. So I converted the script to pe ...

Printer Supply SNMP Check

Checks the status of printer supplies via SNMP on printers which support SNMP and following the standard printer MIB.

SNMP Printer Check Popular

SNMP Printer Check Universal printer check. Check for specific consumables or report on all. Query model/serial #, event messages, tray status and much more! Originally based on Monitoring Solutions' check_snmp_printer, this provides friendly output, quick execution and ...