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Category: Websites, Forms and Transactions

Nagios plugins for monitoring websites, web forms, and web transactions.

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This is a simple Nagios Plugin which starts a Selenium JSON script. It requires Selenium Grid and SeInterpreter.




Script for submit web forms and check data in result page


PHP check-script which can check a website(URL) and react if errors like 404, 500 etc are returned.

CURL check script

Check HTTP pages by CURL libraries. Written in PHP.



Check that the Google page rank of a given URL is above some threshold.

html form

html_form.pl - Authenticate a web page by filling in a form using browser emulation allowing javascript and cookies to be processed. This script fills in the username and password boxes within a form and then searches the output for an expected string. ...


HTTP String Match - Python

This is a python script that checks a web page for a case insensitive string match.


http-json - Rule based JSON parser via http(s)


This is a generic plugin for Nagios which checks json values from a given HTTP endpoint against argument specified rules and determines the status and performance data for that service.


JSON Wizard

JSON Wizard A wizard to create checks that monitor values returned in a web service's JSON response.

Monitoring URL shorteners


Check if an URL shortener does its job.




Nagios HTTP/HTTPS check via wget (with/without Proxy)




This is a simple nagios plugin that checks the google apps services status from the dashboard.

Simple Proxy Check

This is a very simple proxy script that tests functionality from the user's point of view (does the page come through as expected versus a direct download). It should work with any proxy server that is compatible with wget.

Squid Proxy

Remotly checks a Squid Proxy

Squid Web Proxy


Check correct operation of a Squid Web Proxy server

W3C Validation Check

Plugin to check any Website if it's free of errors according to the W3C Validation Markup. Plugin working for website markup (html-output) as well as CSS


Web Ressource Monitor


Perl script to monitor resources on the internet, including availability of webpages, content delivery, uptime of web servers, content negotiation etc...




WebInject is a free tool for automated testing of web applications and services. It can be used to test individual system components that have HTTP interfaces (JSP, ASP, CGI, PHP, Servlets, HTML Forms, etc)

WebInject NTLM

This version of webinject was modified to support NTLM authentification Based on http://www.webinject.org/

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