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Perl check_selenium Featured

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Current Version
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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios XI
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Perl check_selenium
Check_selenium is a Nagios friendly check designed to pass selenium Perl scripts through to a remote system. In this way you can control web based automation and testing through Selenium via Nagios. The checks return all performance data in a way readable by Nagios Core, and Nagios XI.
With the advent of more and more web browser based applications, ranging from complicated monitoring controls to Java and Flash games, the need to fluid automated testing is now.

Armed with this check, and the documentation provided learn to tackle web based automation with ease.

"Test automation has specific advantages for improving the long-term efficiency of a software team’s testing processes. Test automation supports:

Frequent regression testing
Rapid feedback to developers
Virtually unlimited iterations of test case execution
Support for Agile and extreme development methodologies
Disciplined documentation of test cases
Customized defect reporting
Finding defects missed by manual testing"

-Excerpt from

Documentation on integration of Nagios and Selenium may be found here:

Selenium Integration Documentation