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  • Nagios 4.x
  • Nagios XI

Help Support Ethan Galstad's New Project:

Help Support Ethan

A Message From The Founder...

As the founder of Nagios, I'm asking for your help in a cause that's dear to my heart.

I'm launching a new project to help better the world by providing the information, ideas, and inspiration that I believe can improve the lives of people everywhere.

I know you're busy managing networks, but I would appreciate it if you would consider liking my Facebook page and showing your support for the content and messages I produce by sharing them with your friends and family.

You can learn more about my project by visiting Thank you for your time. I wish you all the best in your endeavors, whatever they may be.

- Ethan

This plugin can be used to check SSL certificate expiration for a given IP address or range of IP addresses.

check_ssl_expiration.php - v1.0.0
Copyright (c) 2016 Matthew Capra, Nagios Enterprises
Under GPL v2 License

This plugin checks the expiration date of an SSL certificate on a remote host (or group of hosts)

Usage: check_ssl_expiration.php -h | -a [-c ] [-w ]
NOTE: -a must be specified

Print this help and usage message
The address (or block) we wish to check
The timeout for our checks (seconds), default is 5. If you're scanning an awful lot of IPs, try setting this to 1 or lower.
Expiration time warning status (days), default 30
Expiration time critical status (days), default 15

This plugin will use openssl to check a target certificate's expiration date.
$./check_ssl_expiration.php -a -w 90
$./check_ssl_expiration.php -a -t 2 -w 90 -c 30
$./check_ssl_expiration.php -a,, -t 2 -w 90 -c 30