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The aim of this nagios plugin is to download a web page with all his content ( internals links only - maybe with option in a futur release ).
Main features:
* Ruby small script, easy to understand and hack ...
* http/https
* Use the powerful and simple hpricot lib to parse html
* Multi-thread
* Keyword check
* Follow redirections

Can anyone tell me if the script is well running on nagios 1.x or 3.x ?
Reviews (2)
The script is working fine with nagios 3.x respective icinga 1.7.1. But I had to change following line:
print "|time="+sprintf("%.2f", totalTime)+"s, size="+"#{reports['totalSize']/1000}"+"KB;#{timeWarn};#{timeCritical};0;#{REQUEST_TIMEOUT}"
print "|time="+sprintf("%.2f", totalTime)+"s;#{timeWarn};#{timeCritical};0;#{REQUEST_TIMEOUT}, size="+"#{reports['totalSize']/1000}"+"KB"
The performance was not showing the warning values on the proper location.
bymaxidea, November 15, 2010
I got error "parse.rb:33: [BUG] Segmentation fault" when I using Hpricot to parsing HTML...
So I change to use Nokogiri.
The creator of Hpricot, recently posted that you should better use Nokogiri instead of HPricot