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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
check_curl_http.phpcheck_curl_http V1.0
check_curl_http.phpcheck_curl_http V1.1
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Check websites via http(s) and, if needed, through a proxy. You can search for strings in the website to check, if it is really available. Additionally this plugin has no problem checking https Websites through a proxy, which I was not able to do with check_http.
This plugin is based on check_curl_authenticate here on Nagios Exchange.

Adds support for http(s) requests through a http proxy server.

Adds support for all proxy methods that curl supports (check for details).

Example usage:

check_curl_http.php -U -P -Pu proxyuser:password -F -G somesearchstring

This will check through the proxy with proxy authentication. Additionally, it will follow the redirect on the webpage and check for a search string.

And there are tons of more fancy features to check your Website/Webapplication.

E.g. you can specify the http status code you expect. Sometimes it makes sence to have something different than 200 considered as OK...

Please feel free proposing new features or code improvements. THANKS!
Reviews (1)
byalefebvr, July 24, 2019
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
The plugin works fine.
Note: the file has Windows carriage returns, so, in a Linux environment, you would need to run
dos2unix check_curl_http.php