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  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
  • Nagios XI

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Original Plugin “check_ASM_disk_groups” by Victor Ruiz with some improvements.

New version v4. Added possibility to use Warning levels.
Original Plugin “check_ASM_disk_groups” by Victor Ruiz with some improvements.
-Return perfomance data.
-Possibility to connect as “normal” user, without sysdba privileges.
-User, password and user connect mode as parameters.

check_ASM_disk_groups.pl --sid --ora_home -–user -–password -–user_mode -–threshold [[--threshold ] … ]

–-sid: SID name of ASM instance (in tnsnames.ora)
–-ora_home: ORACLE_HOME for SID, to find tnsnames.ora in $ORACLE_HOMEnetworkadmin
–-user: User for connect
–-password: Password for user
–-user_mode: normal: ‘normal user’, sysdba: ‘as sysdba’ (default mode = normal, you can use sysdba oracle user for test). For non sysdba Oracle user (recommended) you need privileges: GRANT CREATE SESSION to YourUser; GRANT SELECT ON v_$asm_diskgroup TO YourUser;
--threshold: GROUP_DISK_NAME=warning,critical - percentages threshold for used space (ranges [0..100]). A single value is interpreted as critical. You can add several disks.

New version v4. Added possibility to use Warning levels.