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Category: DB2

Nagios plugins for monitoring IBM DB2 databases and database servers.

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db2_check is the first version for checking db2 BP,TS, and transaction log utilization on all instances and all databases except for the ones that are manually configured to be ignored. Requires root permissions, so I added db2.check.c that is a wrapp ...



check_db2_health check_db2_health is a plugin which checks the most common metrics of a DB2 database. $ check_db2_health Please select a mode Copyright (c) Gerhard Lausser Check various parameters of DB2 databases Usage: check_db2_health [-v] [-t ] ...


check_dbversion_db2 This plugin tests the database software version through querying a specific IBM DB2 database. It can either simply return the version string, or compare it against a blacklist/whitelist version file to determine software version compliance. Because it exe ...



check_tablespace_db2 This plugin checks the tablespace size of a specific IBM DB2 database against WARN and CRIT thresholds. It returns the total tablespace size, current size, space utilisation in percent and the number of data files belonging to this tablespace.



db2-jnrpe Innovative set of plugins to monitor DB2 databases written in Java to be executed from JNRPE. With less overhead on your database, it provides a more accurate information about what is currently happening in your databases.


Monitor DB2 with Nagios

Monitor DB2 with Nagios Set of Bash scripts to monitor DB2 database by checking different elements of this RDBM. Several criteria of the instances and databases can be analyzed with these scripts. All scripts return Performance Data to see the evolution of the values across t ...