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Category: Windows

Nagios plugins for monitoring Windows systems.

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check_defrag This plug-in for Nagios allows you to check if a disk needs to be defragmented.


check_dhcp_free.vbs Get Free Ip From Windows 2003 or 2008 DHCP Server, this script read this command "netsh dhcp server show mibinfo"


check_DiskQueueLength This plug-in for Nagios allows you to check the Average Disk Queue Length on a Windows server. The measurement of Average Disk Queue Length is quite accurate.


Simple Shell Script, which touches a textfile with smbclient on an SMB-Mount, then checks if the file is readable, and deletes the file.


Polished and fixed version of check_diskwrite, which allows to check availability of either smb or windows shares, by writing and reading of file into the share.


Extended and fixed version of check_diskwrite2. This version allows to check availability of either smb or windows shares, by writing and reading a file to/from a subdirectory under the share. The subdirectory MUST exist.



Windows NRPE plugin for disks performance monitoring. Return Name, AvgDiskQueueLength, DiskReadBytesPersec, DiskWriteBytesPersec, PercentDiskTime. Check AvgDiskQueueLength parameter to warning/critical levels.


The current check_disk_smb plugin does not support spaces in the share name. This is a very, very simple modification to the original check_disk_smb plugin which allows the share in question to have spaces in the name.

check_files.vbs - external script to be used with nscli...

Check files under a given path against various criteria: namefilter, age, size counts the files which match the given criterias and gives alarm if the count is higher or lower than the threshold (bounds definition conforms to nagios plugin guidelines ...



This is a plugin that accepts a given number of changes, a directory, and a list of events to watch for. It returns the amount of time it has taken for the given number of changes (as defined events in FileSystemWatcher [changed, created, deleted, rena ...



Search computers without LAPS in AD in OU computers. To be used through NRPE / nsclient++


Check the charge in a laptop battery


check_lastupdate is a Windows plugin for Nagios which implement a date comparison on the registry key.


Powershell version of nagios plugin Usage: .\check_log.ps1 .\check_log.ps1 log_file old_log_file pattern


This is the ultra hack mashup to have a nagios check that can check a ton of difference performance counters for multiple logical disks and alert if one or more are lower than the given warn/crit values.



check_netrpc_service This script verifies the windows service with "net rpc" command and without agent on windows machine


Checks windows machine disks by size (not percentage), using check_nt.

LicenseGPL this plugin uses check_nt to query the specified counter and calculates the difference between the last check and the current one To use this Plugin you need check_nt installed on your Nagios-Host and NSClient, NC-Net, etc on your Windows-Machine



Check status of Windows Services using SNMP, therefor no third-party server-side plugins are required. The package includes the LanMgr-2 MIB which is the basis for the information we are looking up through this script.



check_output is a Windows-Plugin for Nagios, which evaluates return values ??of invoked programs. Supports regular expressions (Regex).


Plugin to locate networked printers and monitor their toner levels. Must run on a Windows host - use NSCA to submit results to Nagios.


check_proc_count_nt This plugin is a wrapper for the check_nt command and NC_Net client provided by ShatterIT. The NC_Net client supports an ENUMPROCESS option but the default check_nt command does not. In combination with the modified check_nt and the NC_Net client, you can ...


Checking the number of running process on windows machines. The connection is established from Nagios server through nrpe to the remote nsclient agent. The script should be copied to remote nsclient machine and "nsclient.ini" file should be changed ac ...


NSClient++ plugin to check for a match to a specified registry key value. If the specified value matches the one in the queried key then it will return "OK" if not "Critical".


check_remote (ping_remote)

Monitor a tunnel to a remote location on a Windows server.

check_usolved_disks - Check usage on all disks

check_usolved_disks - Check usage on all disks This PHP Nagios plugin automaticly detects all disks/partitions of a Windows or Linux operating system and checks the free space. You don't need a check for every disk and just can use this check that'll return all available disks on the system. If a syst ...



check_w32tm is a Windows plugin for Nagios, which checks the Windows system time against an NTP time source.


A PowerShell script which tracks the currently installed program files on a windows machine.


check_windows_dns is a Windows plugin for Nagios which checks the condition of DNS supported by Active Directory systems. The plugin detects the condition of DNS and shows errors, if there are disturbances.


check_windows_repadmin is a Windows plugin for Nagios which checks the status of the replications in Microsoft Active Directory. The plugin detects the status of all the replication partners and consists of two parts: the check itself and a task, which ha ...


check windows hd usage by SNMP (works with ePN)


Check windows memory usage by SNMP (works with ePN)


Use NC_Net/check_nt to check all Automatic Windows services First use ENUMSERVICE to get a list of services set for Automatic startup, then check them with SERVICESTATE to see if any service is down.


Script to check if Windows DeDuplication is enabled for all fixed Disks except C: and to Summarize the Savings of Windows DeDuplication Might be helpfull if you are running your calssic windows fileserver with enabled deduplication should be called v ...



Checks available drive space on ALL drives of a Windoze server.


Script to calculate the Days since last Windows Update which is understandable for every Manager :-} should be called via NRPE/NSClient++ inspired by check_win_lastupdate.vbs but with using Microsoft.Update.Session instea ...



Check process (and show memory usage) from Windows by SNMP

plugin: check windows CPU load via SNMP


Check Process ( exe file ) active and check memory used

plugin: Windows SNMP storage check for disk and memory


Neat VBscript to check if windows machines require an update (and/or a subsequent reboot). Windows 7 and 10 and others maybe ;-)


Citrix License Server Check

Citrix license server check by Andreas Roth.

DSMP2: hardware monitoring for Windows via SNMP

DSMP2 for MS Windows offers the possibility to monitor various hardware sensors of a PC such as fan and temperature via SNMP and to send SNMP traps if thresholds are exceeded. DSMP2 supports a large number of monitoring ICs. Scripts for nagios3 are includ ...


Enhanced SNMP Windows Disk Check

Perl script that uses SNMP (via snmpget) to get disk usage information from Windows hosts. Outputs usage %, total, used and free space in human-readable format with auto-scaling (KiB up to TiB).

Enhanced SNMP Windows Disk Check - Check all partitions...

Based on the script posted here by Dan Capper. Enhancements - all partitions are detected dynamically and tested. Detailed check report (includes Drive letter + supplied threshold). Most "critical" drive will be shown first. Some er ...

Enhanced Windows eventlog check

Advanced options for filtering and alerting on eventlog events. *requires .NET 2.0 to work

Local / remote check the windows logs via WMI

Check Windows logs for errors and warnings on a local or on a network machine. On a network machine the script does not need a client installed! It checks for critical or warnings in the last 24H.


Monitor Multiple Windows Processes

This Perl based plugin is capable of monitoring multiple Windows processes and generating PNP graphs. There is also an option for long/short output. The installation instruction and example outputs are at the website. Feedback/suggestions are welco ...



NagEventLog Nagios EventLog agent for Windows sends filtered EventLog messages from Windows machines directly to NSCA, allowing you to receive alerts from Nagios.

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