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Category: Windows

Nagios plugins for monitoring Windows systems.

Nagios Log Server

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Nagios Mass Acknowledge

This script will help in acknowledge host alerts for n number of hosts in your large environment. Just enter the list of hostnames as configured in nagios in server_list.txt file.


Nagios Plugin Collection

This is a collection of various check scripts for the nagios monitoring system. At the moment most of the scripts are checks for the Windows operation systems. Scripts for other platforms are planed and will be added shortly.

Nagios Tool for Windows hosts

Nagios Tool for Windows hosts The Nagios Toolbox deploys a standard nagios directory to the monitored windows servers, starts / stops the nrpe_nt service, performs updates etc.It simplifies the process to work with multiple monitored windows hosts.

Nagios Windows Plugins Project

A project for Windows plugins, in similar fashion to the official Nagios Plugins Project. All of the plugins in the Nagios Plugins Project run on a Linux system (typically the Nagios server itself). These plugins will run on Windows systems, and are very ...


NagiosPluginsNT is a comprehensive collection of Nagios check plugins written in C# .NET. The goal is to eventually have a Windows equivalent to the official Nagios plugins for *NIX, but with the power of WMI for Windows monitoring.


NC_Net NC_Net is a Windows monitoring agent for Nagios. It can perform both passive and active checks, as well as WMI checks, and can run external scripts. Full local or remote configuration. Uses Dot Net Framework 2.0.

Not available any longer 3

check_tslicense is a Nagios NRPE plugin for checking the usage of Microsoft Terminal Services Licensing. It uses lsreport tool from Windows 2003 Resource Kit and calculates a projected license usage ratio



NRPE_NT is a Windows version of the NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) daemon for unix-like operation systems. It provides methods to execute Nagios service checks on a Windows host and report the results back to your Nagios host.


NSClient NSClient++ is a monitoring agent/daemon for Windows systems that works with Nagios. It is a replacement for NSClient and NRPE_NT.


number_process_nrpe_nt Developed in VBS for Windows NRPE. List the number of processes in task manager for the NRPE.



nwsc enables you to check as many windows hosts through Nagios as you like without installing any software on these machines.

OU Presence Check

# Check_AD_OU Check if a computer is present in an OU (Using for default OU Computers in my case)

Perl scripts to monitor Windows servers by Winexe

The archive contains example scripts that use Winexe to execute commands or monitor something 1- : launch remotely a Windows command by winexe 2- : launch remotely a PowerShell script by Win ...


Powershell Disk Check & Automated Cleanup script

You'll need a proxy host to run your Powershell commands (or they can be run directly from the server(s)). More info here: This script will detect and monitor any fixed disks, the three variables you n ...

SmartArray 6i 5i Check status

This plugin checks the status of logical array status and return status code.

SMB Connection

SMB Connection Powershell Script to check SMB Connection on Windows Server. Works with Windows 2012 and higher. Output: OK: SMB1=0, SMB2=7, SMB3=14 Connections active Connections seperated for every Version. Shows Performancedata and IP, Computername, User and SMB ...


This plugin checks the size, amount of files and writeability of a windows smb share.


Win32APIProxy This NAGIOS plugin allows to remotely monitor Windows hosts in a AGENTLESS fashion. Technically it is using the Win32 API from a Windows proxy server to the remote host. Syntax wise it mirrors NSClient++ features (CPU, RAM, Disk, Svc, Proc., etc).

Windows CPU & Memory Checker (powershell)

Full disclaimer: this is a mish-mash of other scripts and random commands found in forums etc. I tried to find the original authors for credit but was unable. Sorry if some of this script is you and you aren't mentioned! Needs to be run from a proxy s ...

Windows Eventlog Addon

This addon allows Nagios to monitor Windows EventLogs by querying an agent installed on the Windows machine (the agent is part of this package.) While by default every event is notified by Nagios, extensive filtering can be defined through various paramet ...

Windows Passive checks for NSCA

VBS script to send passive checks to NSCA host from a Windows server.

Windows Process Memory Monitoring

Monitoring Memory of Windows Processes

Windows Server Monitoring Wizard

Windows Server Monitoring Wizard This Nagios XI wizard allows you to easily monitor a Microsoft® Windows 2000, 2003, or 2008 server. Allows you to monitor CPU, memory, disk usage, services, processes, and performance counters.

Windows time check against NTPD (check_time.vbs)

VB script to check Windows system time against NTPD server(s) V 1.01 Calls w32tm and parses the output. The script is loosely based off the check_ad_time.vbs by Mattias Ryrlén (

Windows Update Check Plugin

This checks for the presence of the "wuauclt.exe" process on SNMP enabled Windows machines. It takes the hostname and the community string as it's arguments...and throws a CRITICAL error if updates are necessary.

Windows updates

Very, very primitive check for checking windows updates. It never return "CRITICAL" status. It return only: 1) OK - if no updates. 2) WARNING - if updates present. Of course, Windows updates must be configured with option "Download, but not install". ...


Windows WMI Monitoring Wizard

Windows WMI Monitoring Wizard This Nagios XI wizard allows you to agentlessly monitor Windows machines using WMI.


Check windows CPU load over SNMP


Gathers the node status based on a computergroup, and outputs into html format + nagios check * Match the ComputerGroup with the computergroup name you configured in the WSUS GUI. * Make sure the application can write the output file to the requested ...

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