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check_winsvccheck_winsvc Perl script (v.1.01)

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Use NC_Net/check_nt to check all Automatic Windows services First use ENUMSERVICE to get a list of services set for Automatic startup, then check them with SERVICESTATE to see if any service is down.
I wrote check_winsvc to simplify checking of Windows services. This check script vill return OK if all services set to Automatic start on a Windows server are running. You can supply an exclude list to avoid paging on unimportant services.

check_winsvc requires NC_Net on the Windows server and NC_Net version of check_nt.

Usage: check_winsvc -H host -s secret -p port -t timeout -d data -E exclude_list

The only required argument is -H. All arguments except -t and -E are passed directly to check_nt.

Please read comments in the header of this script for details about services containing an ampersand.
Reviews (2)
bypsyllent, December 17, 2013
I love this plugin but we often get Service Unknown warning alerts where the service names appear to be cut off. Is there something in the ENUMSERVICE service list function of the script that would cause service names to be cut off?
Please, use the parameter "-a" in the NC_net command, otherwise you get problems, when there are too many Services.