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Enhanced SNMP Windows Disk Check

10 votes
check_win_snmp_disk.plThe only script you need

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Perl script that uses SNMP (via snmpget) to get disk usage information from Windows hosts. Outputs usage %, total, used and free space in human-readable format with auto-scaling (KiB up to TiB).
Based on the check_win_snmp_disk.pl script posted here by jakubowski Benjamin, this enhanced version: * prints usage information if incorrect parameters are given * handles exceptions (more) gracefully * automatically scales output to TiB, GiB, MiB or KiB I have tested this updated script against Windows 2003 server (including R2) only, but it should work with most windows hosts.
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I added the magic threshold adaption from check_mk for large disks to the script.

Documentation for the magic number:
(Chapter df magic number)

I also eliminated the rounding of percentages. For large disks with a narrow warning/critical levels it could potentially cause problems.
It works great on systems with multiple drives.
byginer, April 24, 2014
Here is an update made by Alexander Tikhomirov:
1) add performance data
2) cosmetic changes

The script reports the D drive when specifying the parameter number 2 which is for the C drive on certain servers.

For example - on one Windows 2003 machine, specifying a parameter of 2 for the C drive yields a reading from the script of the D drive.
bynishith, February 17, 2013
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Effortless Plugin.
./check_win_snmp_disk.pl public 2 80 90
OK : Percent Used : 33%, Total : 33.8 GiB, Used : 11.2 GiB, Free : 22.6 GiB