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check_win_snmp_storage.plWindows SNMP Disk and Memory Storage Plugin

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plugin: Windows SNMP storage check for disk and memory
Windows SNMP storage check for disk and memory

Uses Net::SNMP rather than snmpget for scalability.

syntax: check_win_snmp_storage.pl HOST COMMUNITY storageType WARN CRIT

returns % used, bytes total, bytes used, storageType

storageType is one of: PhysicalMemory, VirtualMemory, AllDisks, or a driveletter (A through Z)

AllDisks returns stats for drive with highest usage %
Reviews (4)
anyone wants to fix this, i cant do perl
byesamarakoon, February 28, 2012
Working fine. Thanks
byMajed, December 13, 2011
with no performance data so it can't be graphed so it's no substitute for check mem through nrpe
bymransley, August 3, 2009
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
I thought I had to write this script but found it here and this does exactly what it says. Thanks you very much.