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Category: Linux

Nagios plugins for monitoring Linux systems.

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Monitor number of available connection paths per LUN and failed paths for multipath devices on Linux.



Check Open FD for program(s) and it's child processes. It's shell script using lsof and awk.



A short Perl script that will test the specified host for the NRPE and NSClient agents, and will inform the user if they are working as expected. Useful for tracking down communication problems (eg firewalls) after first install of the agents.


A perl script/package to run Nagios checks in the background without the limitations of Nagios executing the checks.


Monitor size of directory and notify if size exceedes threshold. Shell script (sh), GPL


Nagios Plugin to check if a file exist/doesn't exist. It check too if a file is empty or not.


Monitor file count of a directory and notify if the count of files exceedes threshold. Shell script (sh), GPL


This is identical to the original CheckFileCount done by Bernd Mueller. I've just updated it to include performance data as well for graphing by external programs. I also did a simple change that added the checked directory in the status text.


Checks local DRBD-Status

Simple Script, that checks some states of DRBD-Devices.


Plugin written in perl to check the status of several volume managers. Currently supported volume managers are SVM/SDS, ZFS and VxVM on Solaris and LVM/MD on Linux. Released version 1.9: broken mdadm check is now fixed (thanks to Andrea Tartaglia)



This is a simple BASH Plugin which checks the connection of an Altiris Agent.


This litte plugin checks if the Apache Webserver write logs and if the logrotation (if used) works correctly.


Plugin to monitor Debian GNU/Linux APT packaging sytem status


This is a nagios plugin to check how long it has been since apt-get upgrade was last run. It should be installed on each server you want to check and accessed via NRPE.



Plugin for NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) for Debian/Ubuntu to check when APT was able to update the software database last time

LicenseBSD (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collection)

Validates user accounts are available (eg LDAP) with no duplicate UID/GIDs



Uses the value of (MemAvailable / MemTotal) from /proc/meminfo to determine current % of memory available.



Use Bastille Unix to track the level of your server security.


Check the status of a Multicast Beacon server.

check_bonding by SNMP

SNMP based monitoring of the bonding status of bonded network interfaces by SNMP. If the link status of an interface is down it causes an alert. By Martin Fuerstenau

Check all bonding on the host. you can choice one or many bonding. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Usage of --------------------------------------------------------------------- Options non obli ...



This plugin checks the stats of all mounted btrfs volumes. It also graphs these stats, so that you can trace back when an error occured for the first time.


Scan for intrusions and rootkits with chkrootkit.


check_cmusage check_cmusage is a perl plugin This plugin is for LINUX edition. Computing cpu and mem usage. You need basic perl package to run this plugin. Usage: check_cmusage      -C # CPU, Memory Warning value;      -W # CPU, Memory Critica ...

LicenseGPL (Advanced Nagios Plugins Coll...

Checks the number of context switches on the a Linux server. Designed to be called over NRPE


Python plugin to report the amount of idle CPU on unix based systems.

check_cpu - % used

Check the amount in % of used cpu on a linux system using either procinfo or sar (whichever is available) Python script that returns overall and per-core utilization monitoring. Supports graphing in pnp4nagios

LicenseGPL - usage and IO Wait

Monitor total CPU usage and CPU IO Wait for any single CPU core, and overall (average of all CPU cores). PNP4Nagios compatible.

LicenseGPL for Linux for Linux Simple python based monitoring plugin to check the cpu usage (system, user, nice, iowait, irq, softirq, idle, steal, guest, guest_steal) of a linux server. Warning/Critical thresholds and performance data output are supported.

LicenseGPL sh-compliant script to check CPU utiliziation via Jiffies instead of parsing another frontend tool (matejunkie)

sh compliant script to check CPU utilization via /proc/stat instead of top or iostat (PNP template included)

Simple (Bash) Nagios script to get the temperatue of CPU from lm-sensors.


Nagios script to get the cpu usage from procinfo or sar

Checks the CPU utilization across all CPU's on a server and returns the percentage used.



Checks the amount of cups jobs in queue and displays a top X list of jobs.


Simple script for checking the status of a specific CUPS printer.


This plugin checks if there are debian updates available. If so, it issues a warning, if the packages are from security it raises a critical.



A Nagios plugin for Debian-based Linux hosts to check their running kernel is up-to-date with what is installed. i.e. it checks whether a reboot is required due to a kernel upgrade.



Use of dig command instead of nslookup for DNS resolution on a monitored DNS server.


Checks the number of files in a directory

Nagios plugin to check number of files in a directory. Written in bash, intended to be used on Linux systems.


No longer maintained. Do it with SNMP using the pathced version from the Manubulon plugins. By Martin Fuerstenau


An alternative Perl implementation of check_disk for Unix hosts.

check_disk - % used space

Check the used space of a mounted partition using df, and prints it in percent scale.


check_diskinode_status To find status of disk usage and inode usage based on mount point/path. The default check_disk comes with nagios-plugin pack doesnot work in my case. So this plugin can work as a alternative.



Simple plugin to monitor the disk I/O on Linux systems


Checks the disk I/O and transfer rate using the sar command.



Simple bash script, that checks is location (directory) is read/write.

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