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Check IPCOP / Linux IF Bandwidth Usage

2 votes
Check-IPCOP-Bandwidth-ver-1.0_final.tar.gzVersion 1.0 -- Final Release
Detailed Instructions.pdfInstructions
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Just a simple plugin to monitor bandwidth usage and Line Utilization on a IPCOP Firewall using the Nagios check_by_ssh plugin. Note: You can also use it to monitor any Linux distro on which you can install vnstat. (The instructions included are for IPCOP, but should be pretty similar.)


  1. IPCOP (DUH)
  2. vnstat plugin for IPCOP. (see http://www.ipadd.de/binary.html)


  1. Setup SSH Private/Public Key Authentication between your Nagios Server and the IPCOP Box.
  2. Copy plugin to your ipcop box. (scp -P 222 check_bandwidth.sh ipcop_ip_address:/home/hagios/check_bandwidth.sh)
  3. Setup Check Command in nagios.
  4. Add the service to your IPCOP Host in nagios.


I,ve added 4 slots for specifying paramaters to vnstat.

Example: ./check_bandwidth.sh -d -i eth0

See vnstat documentation for details on available parameters.

Reviews (2)
No fault of the author of this plugin, thanks for trying, but check_traffic_limit is a much better plugin! I wish I had found it before rewriting this plugin.

unfortunately vnstat seems to be unavailable for ipcop 1.4 and above.

I am looking at poss solutions but as a noob to nagios may take some time.

Thanks anyway