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Category: Linux

Nagios plugins for monitoring Linux systems.

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check_linux_mem checks the amount of system memory for a linux host libexec/check_linux_mem Usage: check_linux_mem WARNING CRITICAL Where WARNING and CRITICAL are the integer only portions of the percentage for the level desire ...


Nagios Plugin to check multiple Linux process and ports


Description: ------------- This Nagios Plugin calculates count of threads for one or more Linux process(es). One can give pid number or pid file path to identify the unique process. pid_cmd_regex is useful when monitoring sum of thread counts for multip ...


Checks the user limits of the active processes on Linux using the /proc file system. Currently, only "Max open files" is checked. Exists with critical when the limit is reached. Exits with warning when it is close. The warning limit can be configured. ...



check_lm_sensors is a Nagios plugin to monitor the values of on board sensors and hard disk temperatures on Linux systems


A new way to monitor CPU load: no more setting WARN and CRIT levels manually.


check_loadaverage This is a plugin designed using Bash script. This plugin is created so that 'Performance Gauges' in Nagios XI work properly, showing appropriate 'Warning' and 'Critical' regions.


check_logfiles searches for patterns in multiple logfiles.

check_logs plugin replacement

check_logs2 improvement. Added dynamic array ref to support global configuration file


check_log_any (new version 1.12) is a generic text log controler based on extendable params located in config. files, designed to control any text log file kind. It runs in 2 modes: as standard or as daemon which run as root and be able to access root acc


Check for long running processes and alert if in case the process is running more than 24 hours. Usage: check_long_procs -c -p -n [-v] [-h] Eg:- check_long_procs -c 0 -p java -n oracle. Eg:- check_long_procs -c 0 -p java -n oracle. PS: Tweak th ...



Check printers and print-queue length using lpstat.


Scans for LVM logical volumes and checks used space on them. Shell script(sh), GPL


This plugin checks the amount of used or idle CPU (default is idle) for each processor on multiprocessor or single processor Linux systems.


linux shell script to check for failed software raid devices in /proc/mdstat Usage: mdadm_device total_drives mdadm_device is md0, md1, etc... total_drives is 2 for mirror, or 3, 4 etc... Nagios script to check if failed driv ...



Check all active software raid arrays on a Linux server.


Latest Version of check_mem. This perl linux plugin checks the percentage of memory usage with performance data.

check_mem - bash script

a simple bash script which uses the linux tool \"free\" to get the free memory from system. I use it in interaction with \"check_by_ssh\" to get values from remote servers.

check_mem - new version

Download and Info:;d=1

check_mem - Perl script

Checks the memory usage on a remote system with check_ssh.

check_mem 1dot4

returns memory used with performance data is a Solaris, Linux, and other Unix compatible perl script that: a) Enables perfdata output b) On Solaris - gathers statistics about the ZFS ARC cache c) On Linux - gathers statistics about the caches and buffers from /proc/meminfo d) ...


Check free memory by parsing the free(1) command. Allows normal and percent thresholds. Prints performance data too. will check the memory consumption of a process given by name


Linux memory usage


Checks percentage of used physical memory, excluding buffers. Implemented in Python - needs psutil module.



A simple plugin for checking available physical memory based on concepts already in Nagios exchange. Requires no additional packages to be installed. Memory check is done via /proc/meminfo


This is a plugin i wrote for the CHECK_MK. It parse output of IOSTAT and present it in the format acceptable for CHECK_MK. I recommend to cron it and output all to a file, and cat this file using CHECK_MK local check - it uses IOSTAT 2sec interval to ge ...



Plugin to check that all required kernel modules have been loaded.



Verify all mounts configured in rclocal and fstab are actually mounted.


check_mpt gives informations about raid status for LSI Fusion controllers.

check_mpt v0.2

New version of 2006 check_mpt


check_mq IBM WebSphere MQSeries Queues Monitor

java program that check the depth of a queue. does not require MQ client!


Checks multipath connections to SAN storage on your GNU/Linux box, also has working support for specifying required redundancy level


Plugin to check the status of device-mapper multipath devices.


Checks Multiple Processes in one go including specifics like arguments of those processes. Uses a simple config file and makes it very simple to test a whole stack of inter-related processes are running including their arguments. Supports warning and crit ...


check_multiprocs is a supplement to the check_procs plugin. It can monitor multiple processes under one service, and takes a config file as an argument.

Combine multiple "check_procs" nagios checks This script combines multiple checks of the Nagios "check_procs" plugin. The process names to check can be specified either by a configuration file or on the command line, but at least one process name must ...


check_munin can check various modules of a server running munin-node. DEPRECATED use [[nex:1442 | check_munin_rrd]]

check_munin_rrd can check various modules of a server running munin-node.



This plugin will give number of users currently logging and not number of actif session (like check_users should do)


Verifie le nombre de noyaux et s'il y en a à purger. - warning : il y a des noyaux à purger - critique : il y a plus de noyaux installés que la valeur ------------ Chech how many kernels are installed and if there is at least one to purge. - ...


Checks the Network statistics using the sar command.

LicenseGPL This is my first script to check the network traffic for linux. Minimum required python 2.4



Script to verify basic network communications on UNIX.


A Linux check to see if a local network interface is available, up and connected.


Nagios Plugin for monitoring of Network Utilization including PNP4Nagios Template. Is Executed remotely (either over check_by_ssh -tested or nrpe -not tested). Produces 2 Graphs for each NIC (also for loopback). No Parameters, just run the script. Does n ...

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