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Check HDD with HDSentinel

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Check you HDD status with HDSentinel.

HDSentinel is an alternative way to assess your HDDs raw SMART data.
Here is HDSentinel's free Linux version: http://www.hdsentinel.com/hard_disk_sentinel_linux.php

You should download and put that into /usr/local/bin/HDSentinel.

You should also allow the nagios user to sudo HDSentinel, e.g. with this line in sudoers:
nagios ALL=(root) NOPASSWD:/usr/local/bin/HDSentinel

Here is a description why the usual way to assess SMART attributes is not working:
http://www.hdsentinel.com/smart/index.php (shortly: the HDD manufacturers put such tresholds into SMART which will never alert you before your HDD would fail).

This check is much more sensitive then the usual SMART checks, so you will see HDDs which are not 100% ok, working without any sign of a problem. This you will have time to decide and to order a new HDD without being in a hurry.

Please check the documentation of nagios and nrpe before contact me with questions not related to this script. For running the script on a remote host you will need some kind of remote executor, NRPE is the most common one.
Reviews (1)
bydamned, November 6, 2014
Great plugin, but there's an error..on the variable definition there are 'pw' and'pc' instead of 'tw' and 'tc' for the temperature variable.