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Check UNIX Open FDs

Current Version
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x

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Check UNIX Open FDs
Checks the number of open files by process and program.
This plugin checks the number of file descriptors (fds) opened by one program o by any instance (process) of a program. Monitoring the number of open files allows avoiding errors as "Too many open files" in UNIX-like systems.

Check is performed for a given program and allows stating thresholds based on the sum of all descriptors of the instances (processes) of the program or based on the max number of file descriptors opened by a process.

Plugin is Nagios 3.x (ePN) compatible and returns the sum of file descriptors opened by the program and the max number of file descriptors opened by a process as performance data.

NOTE: In order to work, this plugin depends on the lsof command to be executed with root privileges. As Nagios executes scripts with nagios user privileges, SUID bit must be SET on lsof command. Check README file for related information.
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bytwhitney11, May 22, 2017
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