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handle_TD_incident - TOPdesk Incident Management Integr...

handle_TD_incident - TOPdesk Incident Management Integration handle_TD_incident is for submitting incidents (trouble tickets) to the TOPdesk service management system. Problems in Nagios will be automatically acknowledged. Automatic close of the ticket in case of recovery is possible. By Martin Fuerstenau.


c2n - Cacti to Nagios

c2n.cgi is a filter/wrapper for the frontend of Cacti to include it in Nagios. I will not do any further development of this wrapper because I have migrated to pnp4nagios Martin Fuerstenau

check_snmp_cisco improved version

SNMP check for cisco devices (routers/switches) returning state of different interfaces. By Martin Fuerstenau



Checks if SNMP will answer and displays the information found. Can be very usefull in service dependencies to make all SNMP based services dependent of this one. By Martin Fuerstenau


check ICP Vortex GDT8x14RZ gdth

Check ICP Vortex GDT8x14RZ (gdth) via SNMPTRAPS using the srcd from Vortex, snmptrapd, snmptt and some wrapperscripts. By Martin Fuerstenau

/Category:RAID Controllers

JeanLuc Images

JeanLuc Images Some images for Reliant Unix, SAP, Webmin and Adic Scalar jukebox. By Martin Fuerstenau

/Category:Images and Logos

Check teaming

Check teaming of broadcom adapters, i.e link signal etc..By Martin Fuerstenau


No longer maintained. Do it with SNMP using the pathced version from the Manubulon plugins. https://github.com/dnsmichi/manubulon-snmp By Martin Fuerstenau


check_bonding by SNMP

SNMP based monitoring of the bonding status of bonded network interfaces by SNMP. If the link status of an interface is down it causes an alert. By Martin Fuerstenau



Checks the avaibility of websites and interpretes the returncode according to RFC 2616. Works with proxies, proxy authentication. Can check password protected websites.By Martin Fuerstenau


Checks all interfaces of given machines by SNMP an return the number of interface out errors. Works automatically on all interfaces. Tested on Linux, solaris, Reliant Unix, Windows 2000/2003 server.By Martin Fuerstenau



The original plugin check_vmware_api.pl is old and big and cluttered. So it was time for some house keeping. I tried to clean up the code of every routine, changed things, checked (and corrected) many performance counters and will try to ease maintenanc ...


check_snmp_brocade - monitor Brocade fibre channel swit...

check_snmp_brocade is a Nagios plugin to monitor the status of a single fc-port on a Brocade (labeled or original) fibre-channel switch. It is (in my opinion) the most complete plugin for brocades. I needs the MIBs from Brocade.By Martin Fuerstenau


CPU usage for Solaris, Linux and Windows

CPU usage for Solaris, Linux and Windows - Get the CPU Usage for Windows, Solaris and Linux servers. - Works automatically for an unlimited number of CPUs - Perfomance data can be graphed with pnp4nagios using the template. - Works automatically for MS Windows, Solaris and Linux servers By M ...


check_int_traffic - Interface traffic for Linux, Solari...

This plugin check the network traffic for each network interface for Linux, Solaris, Windows and NetApp filer. It is not necessary to submit the operating system because it is automatically detected. By Martin Fuerstenau


check_snmp_cisco_wlc - Check the avaibility of Cisco WL...

check_snmp_cisco_wlc is a Nagios plugin to monitor the status of Cisco Wireless Lan Controller (former Airespace) access points. By Martin Fuerstenau



Purpose: ======== Submitting alert emails to a monitor system based on Nagios Features of the program: ======================== - Accepts Internet mail (text), MIME and Multipart MIME messages (nested MIME not supported) - Extracts sender, subject ...

/Category:Passive Checks

check_snmp_memory - Monitoring the memory

Checks the memory (physical and virtual) usage for Windows, Solaris, Linux servers, Cisco firewalls and MacAffee WebGateway By Martin Fuerstenau


HTML alert emails for Nagios

HTML alert emails for Nagios - HTML replacement for standard mail construct (printf.....| mail) - Userdefined logo in mail - Colors freely definable - Clickable links to monitor.


F5 Big IP Plugins

F5 Big IP Plugins Check F5 BigIP pools, poolmembers and nodes using SNMP. Optional you can have a multiline output in status overview. The plugin supports blacklisting and whitelisting. In case of a blacklist the blacklisted items are listed in output as blacklisted so you ...