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check_bonding by SNMP

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snmp_bondshell script for client to enhance net-snmp
check_bonding_linuxThe plugins itself
snmpd.confSample snmpd.conf
SNMP-Util-1.9.tar.gzEnhanced version of Perl module SNMP-Utils
utils.pmNearly the same like the one from the Plugin project
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SNMP based monitoring of the bonding status of bonded network interfaces by SNMP. If the link status of an interface is down it causes an alert. By Martin Fuerstenau
Remark: Sorry - some of the scripts went away. I have uploaded them again.

This plugin monitors the bonding status of bonded interfaces by SNMP.
It detects automatically all interfaces.

Opposite to the local actings scripts like James Bromberger's check_bonding.pl or Igill's check_bonding (a shell script) this modul acts over the network via SNMP.

Therefore a shell script fills the OID via exec statement (snmpd.conf - see example in the comments or the sample snmpd.conf).

This plugin is compatible with the Nagios plugin developer guidelines. Therefore a util.pm is needed and I supply an own one. The only difference to the one from the official plugin package is the contact address. You can use the original one. In that case the output from --help is not correct beecause there is a wrong contact. Thats all.

(Suse users need a corrected version of net-snmp because there is a bug in it up to Suse 9.3 due to a rotten Suse patch. You find a corrected version on this website under Utilites -> SNMP ->netsnmp for SuSE by me.)

The enclosed SNMP::Util must be installed. It is an improvement to the original one, because you can supply the SNMP version. This was not implemented in version 1.8. Unfortunately I can not load it back to CPAN because the author is not reachable.

The documentation is within the plugin.

The output contains some HTML for better reading. It is and for bold on critical and for line breaks. This signs are in the mails or SMS. I filter them out in my mailer/SMS script. If you problems with them kick them out, but I strongly recommend them for better reading on the monitor.