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Category: VMWare

Nagios plugins for monitoring VMWare systems (e.g. ESX).

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Category Listings:
There are 63 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

Nagios Plugins To Monitor Cloud Foundry VCAP Infrastruc...

This is a couple of community-distributed Nagios plugins to monitor Cloud Foundry VCAP infrastructure.


Nagios Monitoring of VMware ESX servers. Provides techniques and solutions to use the nsca add-on to monitor a wide-area, multi-host ESX environment from a central location. See documentation for further details. Password for WinZip file is nagios (lower ...


PowerCLI Plugin Shows Alert Status on vCenter

This script will connect to vSphere through PowerCLI and using PowerShell, it will return information about the alerts: Will Return Something Like This! CRITICAL! Acknowledged Alarms > Total: 4 | Acknowledged: 3 | Unacknowledged: 1 ...


PowerCLI Windows Plugin Monitor Datastore

CapacityGB: 1003GB > FreeSpaceGB: 205GB WARNING! Datastore AX4-1 > CapacityGB: 1003GB > FreeSpaceGB: 205GB OK! Datastore AX4-1 > CapacityGB: 1003GB > FreeSpaceGB: 205GB .EXAMPLE .check_vmware_triggeredalarms.ps1 -Server VCENT ...


Simple script to monitor Vmware center VCSA 6.5 (sorry no actual support for 6.0) health status via REST API (https) monitor all health status referenced here : ...

VM-Ware ESX snapshot check

This shell script uses the output of the "find" command (published via snmp to avoid check_by_ssh or NRPE) to determine the existance of any snapshot files in a directory an its subdirectories within VM-Ware ESX servers.


A new release of Thomas Sluyter script, but this one checks on a unix Virtual Machines, if vmtools are running or not. Let it matches your platform adjusting VARs: - LIBEXEC (path to nagios script env) and - PROCLIST (process path to check) IMHO: Be ...


Vmware ESX & VM host

Excellent plugin developed by OP5. Work with ESX4, vSephere. Entire DC can be monitored by quering through vCenter... sage: -D | -H [ -N ] -u -p | -f -l [ -s ] [ -x ] [ -t ] [ -w ] [ -c ] [ -V ] [ - ...


VMWare ESX guest status checks

Check some aspects of VMWare ESX guests (cpu, memorry, netio, kernel and status)

Vmware icons for Nagios v3.x

This is an icon pack of VMware icons for Nagios v3.x Status Maps etc

Vmware vSphere Data Protection

Script for monitoring virtual machine backup status into vSphere Data Protection


vmware_check by Ryan Wilgoss

A Perl Plugin To Check A Virtual Server Running on VMware Host Server On A Linux Platform.

vmware_check by Ryan Wilgoss

A BASH Plugin To Check A Virtual Server Running on VMware Host Server On A Linux Platform.

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